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Be informed about the last hour of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to those readers who want it, the best summary of the Monday, February 22 right here:

The violence of the radicals kidnaps Barcelona for the sixth consecutive night

The concentration of this Sunday in Barcelona has been much less numerous than that of Saturday, from 7,000 to 700 protesters, approximately, but it was not without incidents, as the banner that led it already predicted: “You have taught us that being peaceful is useless”. Also tonight there have been detainees.

The Civil Guard investigates a group sexual assault during an illegal party in Colmenarejo

The Civil Guard investigates an alleged case of agroup sexual aggression to a young woman during an illegal party held in a chalet in the town of Colmenarejo, northwest of the Community of Madrid, which occurred last Saturday, February 13.

Moncloa accepts the condition of Married to exclude Podemos from the Judicial Power

The PSOE and the Popular Party have stepped on the accelerator in recent hours to try to close a State pact on the strengthening of institutions this same week, just at a time when the open crack within the coalition government has been made bigger by the refusal of Podemos to condemn the acts of street violence in several Spanish cities. Sources of the negotiation confirmed to ABC that La Moncloa has accepted the condition of leaving out the negotiation to Can, something that Pablo Casado put as an essential requirement to renew the General Council of the Judiciary, pending since December 2018.

“With groups of four tourists after a month and a half unemployed, I can’t even pay the freelance coupon”

This Sunday is the International Day of the Tourist Guide, but Alberto, a guide in Toledo, has not worked in such a touristy city and declared a World Heritage Site. Self-employed and owner of a small tour guide company, Stroll Toledo, has its three workers in ERTE since November. «It is impossible for them to join; We do not have tourism and the borders with Madrid are closed, which is lived mainly by the people who come on Sundays to spend the day in Toledo.

El Retiro reopens this Monday at 40 percent after Filomena’s destruction

After 45 days of pruning and removal of branches after the passage of the storm Filomena, El Retiro today reopens twelve of its 17 doors to receive the people of Madrid. The snowstorm and freezing temperatures that devastated the capital left 11,000 of the 17,000 specimens in the park damaged. After a month and a half of review, about 40 percent of the most emblematic park in the capital is now accessible.

The Police dismantled another 227 illegal parties in Madrid this weekend

The lack of control with the illegal parties in the capital does not stop. The Municipal Police of Madrid has detected this weekend another 227 clandestine celebrations in the city, developed between Friday night and Saturday. The common denominator is that the participants did not wear masks or comply with the security measures against Covid-19, with more than 6 people not living together and without respecting the curfew schedule.

Businessmen and merchants demand responsibility from the Generalitat and the City Council after the looting in Barcelona

The president of Foment de Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, has asked this Sunday “Political responsibility” to the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council after the looting during the protests for the imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasel. In the reading of a joint manifesto by the employers and representatives of the tourism, commerce, catering and hospitality sectors, he has called for responsibility “to all those irresponsible who promote, consent, justify or close their eyes to these very serious disturbances”.

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