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If you want to be up to date with all last informative hours of today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the essential headlines of the Tuesday, February 23 that you should not miss, like these:

The chalet of the party of the alleged sexual abuse was rented for a fake motor event

A chalet of 400 square meters with another 2,500 of plot. The town in the town of Colmenarejo, in the northwest of the Community of Madrid, where the party in which an alleged crime of sexual abuse is being investigated was held, was rented to “carry out the sale of a high-end vehicle.” This is what the owner says, deceived by the promoter of an illegal event in which about fifty people got together. This is the ad for the property in question:

They ask for 15 years in prison for the accused of inserting his penis in the mouth of his ex-partner’s 22-month-old great-granddaughter

Fifteen years in prison is the request that the Valladolid Prosecutor’s Office has maintained this Monday for a man with LAAC initials for sexual assault on a 22-month-old girl, great-granddaughter of her ex-partner in whose mouth, allegedly, she inserted her penis taking advantage of a visit to the family home.

They detect irregular invoices for more than 7 million euros in Valdemoro, governed by Cs

The General Intervention of the Valdemoro City Council, governed by Citizens, has focused on the public company Gesvival – in charge of cleaning and maintaining municipal buildings – for allegedly irregular bills in the last year and a half. The supervisory body considers accredited in various reports that provided their services without complying with the provisions of the public sector contract law, by executing actions worth more than 7 million euros without management assignments. The situation, beyond the possible repercussions for those responsible, has generated a scenario of uncertainty for the 145 workers of the entity, given that the municipal Plenary has rejected the payment of part of these invoices, of almost 2 million euros .

100% of the staff of the General Hospital of Valencia vaccinated against the coronavirus have developed defenses

The 100% of personal ofGeneral Hospital of Valencia who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus with Pfizer has developed defenses against Covid-19, as revealed by a study carried out among the professionals of the center to verify the effectiveness of this treatment.

The incidence of the coronavirus collapses and leaves the way for the de-escalation of restrictions in Valencia

The Valencian Community already meets one of the criteria set by the experts to begin the de-escalation of the restrictions by the coronavirus. The cumulative incidence of Covid-19 has dropped this Monday to 224 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, already below the average for the whole of Spain. In this way, autonomy regresses for the first time since last December 16 to level 3 marked by the Ministry of Health and leaves the extreme risk situation.

The rain and the Mossos d’Esquadra quell the seventh day of protests by rapper Hasel in Barcelona

The fine rain that has fallen throughout this afternoon on Barcelona has drastically reduced the attendance of protesters on the seventh day of concentrations and protests called for the imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasel. The Mossos d’Esquadra, in turn, have managed to quell the protests almost without getting off the vans with a broad and effective operation.

Galicia coronavirus: these are the new restrictions and the councils in which the hospitality industry will not open yet

New limitations in Galicia after the clinical committee held this Monday morning. The Community has opted to return to impose different levels of restrictions based on its cumulative incidence. Starting this Friday, there will be three different types of limitations due to Covid in the Community: one for councils with an AI less than 250; another for those who have up 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and, lastly, the most extreme level, those municipalities that exceed that marker. Part by part.

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