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If you want to be up to date with all last informative hours of today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the most important headlines of the Sunday, October 3 that you should not miss, like these:

Latino gangs: a young man stabs a man in a reckoning on a train at Atocha station

A man was injured this afternoon on a regional train at the Atocha station. The events took place at around 4 pm, when the passengers of the convoy of line C-2 (which was going to Recoletos as its first destination) notified the driver that an attack had occurred. There is a 19-year-old detainee. Both have Spanish ID, but at least the one arrested is of Latino origin. Sources of the case investigate a Latin gang reckoning.

A shanty town of Africans burns and several butane bottles explode in Marconi

A large fire, aggravated by the explosion of several butane bottles, struck this morning in a shanty town inhabited by African people. In total, twelve slums have burned, in which the fifteen affected were poorly living.

Albacete recognizes 13 citizens for their exemplary conduct

The Albacete Local Police held this Saturday an institutional act in which it commemorated its 167th anniversary, an event that in 2020 they could not celebrate due to the health situation. The event, which took place at the headquarters of the Local Police, was chaired by the vice mayor, Vicente Casañ, together with the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla-La Mancha, Vicente Rouco, and the senior prosecutor, Emilio Fernández, in addition from other civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities. Casañ excused the absence of the mayor, Emilio Sáez, who is attending the Thiers Cutlery Fair.

Afternoon of anti-Castro protest: the thirties against Silvio

The stamp of screaming Long live Cuba Libre! in a corner of the Puerta de Alcalá, the one that overlooks the Retiro, it is, to say the least, impressive and exotic. Thus, and with little Caribbean punctuality, the Platform for Actions for Democracy He had prepared this Saturday a march to reject Silvio Rodríguez’s concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid at 7:00 p.m. They would not be more than thirty, but noisy, and with tow for those who, according to the protesters, the Castro regime is whitewashing from Spain / Europe: Pedro Sánchez and the current Executive, mainly. The concentration was against Silvio Rodríguez, against the presence of the singer-songwriter in Spain, but the memory of the
Cuban repression of July 11
and the “ineffective and lukewarm response from the Spanish Authorities.”

The leaders of the PP in the opposition ask for passage: “Mr. pyrotechnics, the mascletà can begin”

“Lord pyrotechnic firework can start”. This is how the president of the PP of the Valencian Community and of the Diputación de Alicante has closed, Carlos Mazon, his speech this Saturday at the National Convention of the party, referring to the great mass event that the popular have organized this Sunday in the Plaza de Toros de Valencia as the starting signal for a new stage.

The secret papers of the Manglano spy, uncovered

On May 27, 1981, Lieutenant Colonel Emilio Alonso Manglano he held his first audience as Cesid director with King Juan Carlos. They already knew each other, because during the Franco regime the newly appointed head of espionage had been one of the youngest Juanistas. In that first meeting Don Juan Carlos and Manglano addressed many issues, but the fundamental one was the coup d’état of February 23, which took place two months before and which ended up promoting the replacement in the intelligence dome. Don Juan Carlos offers Manglano his version of what happened that day in La Zarzuela, the role played by the head of the House, Sabino Fernández Campo, and the attempts of the coup general Alfonso Armada to gain control of the situation. He even told him a piece of advice he gave to his thirteen-year-old son and Heir, whom he wanted to share with his performance at a crucial moment:

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