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Health notifies 7,209 infections and 37 deaths since Friday

According to official data compiled by Health, this Monday the accumulated incidence stands at 92.46 cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days, which means 3.45 points less than Friday.

Health sees it difficult for communities to impose the mask, since it will be approved with a decree law

After the approval of the flexibility of the use of masks in outdoor spaces, it will be difficult for the autonomous communities to impose them again. This was stated this Monday by the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, and the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, since his obligation will be imposed through a decree-law. However, the epidemiologist was sure that “the scenarios contemplated by this are wide enough so that no” region finds itself in this situation. According to Calzón, the decree will modify Law 2/2021, of urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the Covid-19 crisis.

The Government will give a period of five years to apply its hack to the Tajo-Segura transfer

The ecological flow of the Tagus river, which will later depend on the availability of water for the transfer to Segura, will increase in the coming years in a way gradual. The final proposal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition places in 7 cubic meters per second those that will have to run as they pass through Aranjuez in January 2022, that is, one more than the one currently set. Then they will rise to 8 cubic meters per second in 2026 already 8.6 in January 2027, figures widely rejected by the irrigators of the Levant. According to their estimates, the transferable reserves are reduced by just over 30 hm3 per year for each cubic meter that the flow increases; and in a good year, of the contributions that reach the Segura, about 200 hm3 are used for irrigation.

France tightens the requirements and will only vaccinate those who reside or work in the Gallic country

The large number of Gipuzkoans who has gone the last hours to the French Basque Country to get vaccinated against Covid-19 It has caused health leaders in the area to take action on the matter. Since this Monday, France has tightened the requirements for those who want to inoculate themselves on the other side of the muga, since these people must reside or work in the Gallic country. Those who have a French health card will also be vaccinated.

Shi Zhengli: The ‘bat woman’, heroine for the Chinese, suspected in the West

For China, she is the ‘bat woman’, the heroine who discovered the coronavirus that causes SARS in 2002 and whose investigations have been decisive in finding out who has unleashed the current pandemic. For the rest of the world, she is another Chinese scientist hiding information. Is about Shi Zhengli, deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is once again suspected as the origin of the coronavirus.

30% of the Spanish population has already received the complete vaccine schedule

A total of 14.431.683 people residing in Spain are already fully vaccinated against Covid-19, which is equivalent to 30,4% of the population, according to the vaccination report provided by the Ministry of Health.

Boris Johnson warns that it will be a difficult year to travel

2021 will be a difficult year to travel abroad. This was considered yesterday by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in a statement made during a visit to the National Institute of Biological Control and Standards, in Hertfordshire, at which time he also confirmed that the Executive who directs is studying eliminating the requirement to quarantine for vaccinated travelers entering the UK. Currently, people entering the country from destinations included in the amber list must spend ten days isolated in their homes, while those arriving from countries on the red list must quarantine in a hotel designated by the government. Precisely, the Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, confirmed that a pilot program is being carried out to evaluate the possibility of lifting this restriction for travelers who have completed the vaccination schedule against Covid-19, although this would require that they will be carried out a quick test every day for a week. An analysis by The Times newspaper of the figures from the official case-tracking application concluded that fewer than one in 200 travelers who entered the UK from amber-level countries between May 20 and June 9 tested positive. by coronavirus.

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