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If you want to be up to date with all last informative hours of today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the most important headlines of the Saturday, October 16 that you can not miss, like these:

UEFA will review the rule that validated Mbappé’s goal against Spain

UEFA considers that the English referee Anthony Taylor He “made the right decision” by validating the goal of Kylian Mbappé in the end of the League of Nations between France and Spain (2-1), although he also admits that the rule that was applied “seems to be in conflict with the spirit of the same” and therefore opens to review it.

Health problems at the Camp Nou

A skinny dog ​​is all fleas. The pigeons also now threaten the Camp Nou, in the spotlight by the structural problems that put the safety of fans at risk. As announced by Rac1, the excrement and nests of pigeons have generated a health problem in the stadium that can expand the series of measures that the directors of the Catalan club must take. With Sandro Rosell as president, there was an inspection of Gold Service, company specialized in pests. The technicians who inspected the Camp Nou made a report detailing various aspects of hygienic deficiencies in the stadium. «Inside is in a pretty deplorable state. The word here is laziness. Nobody has looked at it with enthusiasm “, details Toni Mora, in charge of the inspection, to the aforementioned station. Between the beams and the roof of the stands were found nests made on pigeon droppings that could reach 20 centimeters in height. Some nests, which, according to the inspector, are not made from one day to the next: «Probably those nests had been around for a couple of years, due to their size. They were not one afternoon, because with one afternoon we would have found four plates or four twigs “, illustrates Mora.

Euroleague results: Real Madrid gobble up Panathinaikos

Olazábal and Sergio García, two mirrors for Cabrera Bello

The world of golf is the strangest. You are still up as down depending on whether the ball bounces to one place or another; Or, what is more disturbing, with the same level of play it is possible to go from the top of the classification to the last places without a justifiable reason. And this is what has happened to Jon Rahm in the last two tournaments. After a hopeful start at the Spanish Open, the weekend suddenly fell apart for no apparent reason. The putts that previously remote controlled stopped entering as if by magic and last Sunday they moved away from the top positions, which opened the door of triumph to a Rafa Cabrera, who had to fight Adri Arnaus in a vibrant tiebreaker.

Barça subscribes to suffering but remains undefeated

Atlético Paso, the anguish of competing under the threat of lava

Barely three kilometers separate Old Summit of the Municipal in which the fans vibrated with the Athletic Paso before the lava changed the life of an island in which there is now no corner where you do not breathe concern. Also suffering. For fear of the present and, above all, for fear of the future. The line-ups are no longer recited over the public address system, but the doors remain open 24 hours a day because this modest stadium is used as a logistics center for the distribution of food and a point of care for those affected by the volcano. Here I have training sessions, goals are no longer celebrated, but the members of the club staff, technicians and managers Verdinegro keep coming every day to lend a hand in everything that is needed. From unloading a truck full of water bottles to something much more mundane like melting into a healing hug with a stranger seeking comfort. “On a physical level, from what we see, the image of the destruction of homes by lava has a great impact, but the emotional impact of being with people who burst into tears in front of you and not being able to comfort them is more painful. What hurts me the most is feeling that helplessness of not being able to comfort people as they deserve. We live in a permanent sadness “, is sincere with this newspaper William Nazco, the president from Atlético Paso. A true team on and off the field that, despite the difficulties and the desolate crying caused by the lava, makes the effort to continue competing away from home so that soccer is truly the sport of the people and serves as a balm, although be light, for the residents of a municipality that has always been very close to its club.

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