Leaked documents reveal that China handled the start of the pandemic in a chaotic way




China offered the world more optimistic data Of those who had the Covid pandemic in its beginnings, it took too long to diagnose confirmed patients and handled the situation in a chaotic way, says the North American network CNN.

These are some of the conclusions obtained by this means after analyzing internal documents from the Chinese health authorities; in total, 117 pages from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to this research, China took an average 23 days in diagnosing confirmed patients and testing errors meant that the majority of patients received negative results through January 10.

Complex bureaucracy

In addition, the first actions on the coronavirus were hampered by lack of funds and personnel and complex bureaucracy, which complicated China’s early warning system, according to internal audits that the chain has had access to.

CNN assures that there was also a big bud of influenza in early December in Hubei province, which was not previously disclosed.

“It is February 10 in Beijing and (Chinese) President Xi Jinping, who for weeks has not been seen in public, addresses hospital staff in Wuhan city as they fight for containing the spread of a new coronavirus, still without an official name, “says the chain.

Xi «expressed your condolences those who died in the outbreak. He called for more public communication, as worldwide concerns about the potential threat posed by the new disease increased, “he continues.

On the same day, the Chinese authorities reported the existence of 2,478 new confirmed cases, raising the global total number more than 40,000, and fewer than 400 cases occur outside of mainland China.

However, CNN assures that with this investigation “it can reveal how the official documents that circulated internally show that this was only part of the picture.

The figures don’t add up

In a report marked “confidential internal document”, the health authorities of Hubei province, where the virus was first detected, list a total of 5,918 new cases detected on February 10, more than double the official number of confirmed cases.

This figure, much higher than the official figure, was never fully disclosed, as China’s accounting system seemed, in the chaos of the first weeks of the pandemic, downplay the severity of the outbreak, according to the documents.

The Chinese government has roundly rejected accusations from the United States and others western governments that he deliberately withheld information related to the virus.

According to CNN, although the documents do not offer evidence of a deliberate attempt to hide findings, they do reveal numerous inconsistencies about what authorities believed was happening and what was publicly revealed.

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