Less than 100 infections for the second consecutive day




The epidemiological evolution continues its favorable evolution in Galicia. This Tuesday, Covid ratings within the Community returned to be under 100: Specifically, there have been 75 new infections of this virus, according to data from Sergas collected up to 6:00 p.m. the previous day. In fact, this Monday was the first day since June 23 that the number of infections dropped by one hundred, these being 89. Consequently, in the last 24 hours the number of infections was lowered by 14.

With regard to people with the virus who need hospital care, these are 149 (nine less than on Monday), of which 37 need intensive care. In addition, active cases of the disease continue to decline, to 3,249, representing 217 less than the previous day.

The one that counts the The largest number of patients continues to be La Coruña-Cee, with 879 (-60), followed by Lugo-A Mariña-Monforte, with 629 (-38); and Santiago-Barbanza, with 560 (-40). They are followed by Vigo, with 480 covid patients (-29); Ourense-Verín-O Barco, with 351 (-16); Pontevedra-O Salnés, with 214 (-10); and Ferrol, with 136 (-24), reports Ep.

Hospital pressure

If we look at the most seriously ill patients, the area of La Coruña continues as the one with the highest number of people in critics, with 12, although it has not registered changes in the last day. Nor has the figure changed in Pontevedra, with four; in Lugo, with three; nor in Santiago, with two.

Meanwhile, the number of patients requiring ICU in hospitals in the Vigo area has decreased to 7 (-1); in Ourense, six (-2); and in Ferrol, three (-2).


Since the beginning of the health crisis, 2,608 Galicians have died who were diagnosed with covid-19. The last deaths reported by Sanidade were those of four men aged 87 (died in the CHUS of Santiago), 90 (in the HULA of Lugo), 94 (in the Chuvi of Vigo) and 76 years (in the HULA). They had previous pathologies.

With regard to diagnostic tests, since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,793,773 PCR in Galicia (2,530 in the last 24 hours), more than 816,000 antigens and more than 1.1 million other types.

The percentage of infections detected in the PCR was 1.7% in the last day, so it remains below 5%, a threshold determined by the WHO to give by controlled the pandemic.

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