Listening to audiobooks helps your child develop their language and expand vocabulary




The time children spent in front of a screen during confinement is estimated to have increased by 50% compared to the beginning of isolation. These new habits acquired as a result of the pandemic have harmful effects on the neurocognitive development of minors, affecting their learning, their sight, hearing, sleep and even their metabolic and cardiovascular functions.

In this context, “we think it is more necessary than ever to consider adopting solutions that keep them busy with a healthy interactive component that does not hinder their development,” says Mäelle Chassard, the founder of My Sikii Story Factory. The businesswoman explains that this small device, a device for children from three years of age, without waves or screens, “is capable of creating true fairy tales through multifunction keys that allow them to participate in the development of the story. The child can, in fact, select the hero he prefers, the partner and the place and the object, which certainly stimulates his imagination, creativity and language without screens.

For Mäelle Chassard, allowing children to listen to and create their own stories makes “My Story Factory” a “great alternative to screens and mobile devices.” “It is very important that toys, in addition to being a form of entertainment for children, also promote their development and learning … in a fun way.”

And without a doubt, “it is a very entertaining way to stimulate children’s language. One of the things that I have learned over the years, since Sikii was born, is that audio resources are an excellent tool to support and extend children’s learning. They are ideal for fostering imagination and supporting children’s exploration of the world around them because they have to evoke what they hear.

Through audiobooks, he explains, “the child has the opportunity to hear new words, learn them and be able to communicate and repeat them correctly. If the children listen to the stories they can learn a model to create, structure and tell their own stories orally. In this way they are laying a foundation for reading and writing. So much so that, he says, “some schools in France are using” My Stories Factory “to observe the real effect it has on children, although we still do not have data”.

It is a way, continues Chassard, “to practice playing listening skills, a very important and crucial tool. for the development of the child’s language and communication, as well as for reading and social interaction. Listening activities provide opportunities for children to practice and strengthen these skills and also add a multisensory element to an activity.

His own publisher, Les Éditions Lunii, offers a rich catalog of stories to help develop auditory memory as well as vocabulary. We believe that children develop through learning, curiosity and access to diverse content to develop their own critical thinking.

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