Looking for a job? These will be the most demanded profiles in 2021



An economy moving towards digitization requires a working market according to the circumstances. That is why 2021 will be especially demanding with this characteristic within the profile of job candidates, in line with what will be the business future in Spain and the rest of the world.

Therefore, from the platform Selligent They explain that “as a direct consequence of this transformation, companies are demanding more digitized profiles to face next year.” The most, the following:

Digital Marketing Manager

The profile of the Digital Marketing Manager has crept into the list of most requested professionals for another year, according to the study Top 25 Digital Professions 2020 carried out by Inesdi, which this year has also addressed which are the most requested professions in a post-coronavirus world. This specific profile must have extensive knowledge of both the company and the sector in which it works in order to adjust the actions of the plan to the scope and target it wants to reach.

“Right now digital communication is paramount. It is important to offer well-structured marketing plans, focused on the digital world in which we operate. With physical interaction restricted for now, technology at the service of marketing plays a key role. And having experts in this field can make a difference “, points out Rafa Romero, head of Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

With the aim of digitally transforming companies, the profile of the Chief Digital Officer. As Selligent explains, “this professional’s main tasks are the creation of new business opportunities and the offer of digital services to clients”. To highlight the importance of not confusing the role that the CDO plays with that of the Digital Marketing manager, since the role of the former is to integrate digital tools in different areas of the company to increase their productivity and profitability.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to gain prominence and followers among Spanish companies and also, so it is also essential in the world of digital marketing that seeks to take advantage of the benefits that AI applied to digital campaigns brings. As they well point out from the Selligent platform “above all, to learn about consumer behavior and offer them personalized communications according to their tastes and preferences.”

Cloud Consultant

Teleworking has changed the way companies work and this has triggered the hiring of cloud services (cloud). And although many companies were already using cloud services to store data, facilitating access to all employees at any time and place, the shift to teleworking has promoted the adoption of these types of tools.

In this sense, from the platform specialized in marketing professionals, they point out the Cloud Consultant as another of the booming profiles. “This professional has to be able to design the best cloud solutions for each organization, also ensuring the correct functioning of the network” they explain.

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