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The DeLorean could travel to the future, return to the past, and even leave a fiery trail in its wake, but in the movie of Robert Zemeckis he was unable or unwilling to go beyond the days of the cowboys of the Old West. Puy du Fou Toledo wants to demonstrate with his “dreams”, even more ambitious and remote, that Marty McFly He was just a brat when it came to breaking time. Following the success of its nightly show “The Dream of Toledo”, the French company will open its doors on March 27 to a daytime theme park with four new spaces and an ambitious plan that hopes to attract one million visitors in a few years.

With the construction sites as a backdrop, the managers of Puy du Fou They presented this Wednesday the structure and format of the shows that their theme park will feature, which can be accessed from March to early November for a price of 27 euros (24 euros to also attend “The Dream of Toledo.” At the moment, the park has invested 183 million euros in the city of La Mancha and estimates an investment of another 60 million euros to reach a workforce of 2,000 employees by 2028. “Reaching that year with two million visitors would put us in a dimension such as the French park (located in the Loire region) and generate an impact in the area of ​​300 million euros, “he explained José Ramón Molinero, deputy general manager of the park in Spain.

“Spain has a very rich history and culture that we artists have fascinated”

Despite the difficult situation in the tourism sector, the French group maintains its expansion plans intact and hopes that from March the return to normality will be a “return to sleep.” “This is a crisis in which many people are suffering and that has hit us well, but from which we want to get out, go through, with great enthusiasm,” he said this Wednesday Erwan de la Villéon, Vice President of Puy du Fou Spain

Nicolas de Villiers, president of Puy du Fou, has described the new park as a place “full of mystery” in which the “imaginary and dreams shared between France and Spain” emerge. “Spain has a very rich history and culture that artists fascinate us. The shows that we have prepared are designed so that all Spaniards feel proud of their past and so that foreigners yearn to be Spanish, “he said.

The four new shows

In the image and likeness of its gala version, the Toledo park is conceived as an immersive experience where the visitor mixes with nature and history through more than 30 hectares of original settings. In this territory of illusion, legend and history, accessed through a monumental Castilian-style door, a total of four villages unfold, the Askar Andalusí, Puebla Real, Venta de Isidro and El Arrabal, with artisan sales and restaurants dedicated to different cultures. These thematic villages are the prelude to the four shows, three indoors and two outdoors, which kick off the park itself.

The first of these new shows is entitled “The Last Song” and represents indoors the dramatic life of El Cid Campeador, a character between myth and history. A revolving stand, with a capacity to accommodate 2,050 people, will show the public the life of the Castilian gentleman through seven stages that go over from his youth to his death in Valencia.

Conceptual image of the show dedicated to El Cid.
Conceptual image of the show dedicated to El Cid.

“With pen and sword” It is the next stop on the journey and it is dedicated to the life of the poet, soldier and adventurer Lope de Vega, whose “entire existence is a dream, a work”, in the words of Erwan de la Villéon. The plot will start with the poet’s irruption into a corrala where a rival, “a felon,” is premiering a copied work. This adventure of swordsmen and rogues will cover in a light tone such diverse scenarios as The Invincible Armada, a prison or the Plaza de Zocodover. 200 characters participate in this tribute to the Golden Age with capacity for 1,800 spectators and with horses as the star element.

The third show is the «great adventure» of Christopher Columbus, under the title “Beyond the ocean sea”, with an immersive journey through the history of the navigator and his journey to the New World. A journey on foot through stages, actors and special effects that will allow the viewer to live the discoverer’s interview with Queen Isabel la Católica, his passage through the Puerto de Palos tavern, his navigation on the Nao Santa María and until his arrival in America . «We don’t care if Colón is Genoese, Catalan or Toledo, what interests us about him is his passion. His trip changed the world and was full of distressing moments, “he said. Erwan de la Villéon.

Conceptual image for the show
Conceptual image of the show “Allende de la mar oceano”

«Falconry of kings» is the name of the new open-air show and, as the title says, it is an aerial exhibition for 2,500 spectators inspired by the Caliphate of Córdoba and conceived as a friendly clash between the Muslim tradition and the Christian tradition. The historical scene takes place after the Battle of Simancas, when Caliph Abderramán III proposed a truce to the Christians, to which Count Fernán González of Castilla He responded with a gift: a royal eagle. After this gallant gesture, Abderramán III and his guest will compete in a peaceful joust with more than 200 birds. Thus the spectacle most integrated into nature is unleashed, with the Toledo mountains as a background postcard.


Each of these great shows will last about 30 minutes, with several functions per day. As explained by the French company, the number of sessions will be conditioned on the spectators who are in the park at that moment, so that the visitor can organize their own itinerary and attend the four events in the order they want.

“The Dream of Toledo” It will continue to be the icing on the cake with a separate ticket, although discounted packages are being prepared to enjoy the entire experience. In this sense, Erwan de la Villéon announced this Wednesday that the night show will feature new features in terms of dances, decorations and that the capacity of the stands will be expanded from 4,000 to 5,000 seats after last season the annual supply of seats was quickly exhausted.

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