López Obrador sums up his two years in office like this: “It has not been easy”

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With a pessimistic phrase (and not overly visionary) through, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) analyzes his own balance of the situation in which Mexico is immersed. In three coordinates he has centered his expenditure: pandemic -Mexico supports more than 105,000 deaths, according to government estimates-, economic crisis -contraction of more than 10% of GDP in 2020 predicted by the IMF- and the opposition -deflated and with a critical lack of population support-.

The Mexican president relies on the obstacles inherent in the current situation and on “the conservatives who wanted to maintain the same regime of corruption” to reason about the Mexican crisis while ending with a friendly turn to express support for his fellow citizens. He took advantage of an act of urban improvement in Tijuana to concentrate his’ onslaught ‘with the previous governments that were’ dedicated to spread the budget like a loot, destined to support the political class and influence peddlers “, according to his statements.

Today, December 1, López Obrador has been in power for two years, of the six-year term that will keep him as the leader of the tenth most populous country in the world, a member of the G-20, with a strategic and privileged geographical position – it shares a border of more of 3000 kilometers with the greatest power-, rich in natural resources such as oil and minerals -number one in silver extraction- and with enormous environmental diversity.

“The transition of the implementation of actions aimed at maintaining the stability of the international financial system and avoiding a new global economic debacle” is the first commandment of the all-powerful members of the G-20. A goal that is costing an arduous task for the Mexican president of Spanish origin – his maternal great-grandmother was originally from Cantabria.


According to the Diario Milenio, there are business leaders and economists who have the same opinion about what the “Fourth Transformation” has achieved as the objective of Andrés Manuel: higher tax collection and preservation of financial stability However, with insufficient economic growth together with the need for actions to alleviate the crisis caused by the virus, investment would have to be encouraged in the meantime. Experts point to the forced and necessary last point in the private sector for the consequent economic growth with fiscal support so that companies can survive in the face of sanitary restrictions. The deterioration of working conditions and falling income of the families are the difficult problems that Mexico faces. As AMLO has expressed in the summary of his second anniversary: ​​«Put order in the mess». It has just announced an investment of 21,818.5 million euros in investments to mitigate the situation.

“The union of the public, private and social sectors is essential to create employment,” said the president in his first appearance. “The construction of the Mayan train and the Mexico City airport” will achieve this. Referring to two of his most controversial and emblematic projects in his term of office. As an anecdote, the same day the train that crosses five states will have to divert its route through the discovery of more than 500 archaeological sites.


Regarding the treatment of the pandemic, it has recognized that it has not been easy to face it. Mexico has just exceeded one hundred thousand as infected and the health situation is worrying with 38% of the beds occupied, which is equivalent to 217,989 patients and a high mortality rate of 11%.

The controversy over Obrador’s vision of the conquest was also part of his exhibitions in just 730 days. “Offer apologies to the native peoples to achieve reconciliation”, is what he wanted from our country. An inspiration that can continue to celebrate the next years of the 500 years of the conquest of Hernán Cortés. It seems that the recent visit of Minister González Laya has strengthened ties for the moment.

As an anniversary celebration, the president has resumed his morning appearances (symposia lasting an hour and a half on average, at 7 am) and where the words “corruption” (with 869), “people” (486), ” conservative ”(240),“ neoliberal ”(236) and“ we are doing well ”(86) follow each other in an unstoppable and unparalleled way. A speech that apparently works. He has reasons for the party and is that his political organization, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), as the polls say, it will double in voting intention to its next two adversaries, the PRI and the PAN. This position could change because only a quarter of the population is aware of the year of the next elections in the middle of the presidential term.

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