López says that the opposition alone cannot defeat Maduro and calls for unity and international aid

López explains that “there is no” possibility of a military intervention, as “many countries have told him”


The Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has appealed this Thursday to the union of the country’s opposition forces to continue pressuring the Government of President Nicolás Maduro, at the same time that he has insisted that the international community continue to offer its support, since they, He has said, by themselves they cannot.

“We have to regroup, we have to organize, and press for free and verifiable presidential and parliamentary elections in Venezuela and get out of the dictatorship,” López said at a press conference held in Bogotá, after meeting with the President of Colombia, Iván Duque.

“At this moment we tell the world that we cannot alone. We need the world’s help to continue pressing the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro,” acknowledged López, who has proposed to the international community to continue with “diplomatic tools” and “sanctions. “against those who have been identified as” violators of Human Rights. “

López has insisted that the opposition must continue to “protest” as much as necessary both outside and within Venezuela and in that sense he has announced his support for the popular consultation proposed by the other opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, and has encouraged the people to to vote and participate in the demonstrations scheduled for this Saturday, coinciding with the last day of voting.

“The fight for freedom in Venezuela is not of the left or of the right. It is a fight of all those who believe in democracy, of all those who believe in freedom,” said López, who has not spared in attacks against Maduro , whom he has described as “criminal”, “corrupt” and “dictator”.

The opposition leader has also assured that despite the result of the last parliamentarians, which he has described as “fraud”, Guaidó will remain in the country and will continue to preside over the National Assembly, since “it cannot be replaced by one who was elected under fraudulent conditions “.

“Guaidó is going to stay in Venezuela. I say it clearly: Guaidó stays in Venezuela,” emphasized López, who has applauded “the commitment” of Guaidó and other deputies to remain in Venezuela despite the threats they suffer from the Government.

López’s press conference took place hours after a meeting held in Casa Nariño with President Duque, within the framework of the tour of Colombia with which the opposition leader seeks to “strengthen” the “international front” against Maduro.

An “international front”, López explained, based on the ignorance of the elections of last Sunday, December 6, the recognition of the National Assembly elected in 2015 and whose mandate “will continue to function until it can be replaced, as well as that of its president, Juan Guaidó.

“For this reason, we ask for the support and unity of the international community, we ask for the unity of the Lima Group with the European Union, with the Organization of American States (OAS), among all the democratic countries of both continents,” he demanded.


Throughout the press conference, he has been asked about the possibility of a military intervention, but it was not until the end of it and at the insistence of one of the journalists, that López addressed this question.

“We must evaluate the doctrine that allows the use of force, as stated in the responsibility to protect, but we have to be very clear with that. It does not exist at this time, and many countries have not made them aware of that that possibility of materialize “, has clarified.

For this reason, and in the face of this impossibility, López has insisted on the need to “strengthen the pressure” through other means, be they diplomatic, economic, political and even through the media.

In relation to the position that the next president of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, López has explained that the issue of Venezuela for Washington has always been a bipartisan issue, which is why he considers “almost impossible” that the next tenant of the White House recognizes the Government of Maduro.


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