“Lord pyrotechnic firework can start”




“Lord pyrotechnic firework can start”. This is how the president of the PP of the Valencian Community and of the Diputación de Alicante has closed, Carlos Mazon, his speech this Saturday at the National Convention of the party, referring to the great mass event that the popular have organized this Sunday in the Plaza de Toros de Valencia as the starting signal for a new stage.

Twelve regional presidents of the PP -in the opposition- have participated in a colloquium under the title “The necessary alternative”, moderated by the Vice Secretary for Organization, Ana Beltrán, during the sixth day of the meeting held at the Palau de les Arts.

Mazón was grateful that Valencia was chosen to close the convention and write “the future of Spain”, at the same time that he focused on where the region is tired of “ninguneo” and “division”. “We are not part of the territories of a group of northern countries as others want to do, nor will we ever be,” he pointed out.

In the same way, he has alluded to the reform of regional financing –A “difficult” issue that cannot, in his opinion, become a fencing battle between presidents “- as well as the other two major problems of the three Valencian provinces: water and infrastructure.

For his part, the president of the PP of Aragon, Luis Maria Beamonte, has pointed out that, despite the “great uncertainty” that the pandemic has generated, “what the PSOE does is make announcements and rob the pockets of the Aragonese.” Along the same lines, the president of the PP of Asturias, Teresa Mallada, has lamented that his land is “plunged into the deepest economic and social decline” after 40 years of socialist governments.

Your homologist in the Balearic Islands, Clan Prohens, has advocated for “coexistence” and has claimed the need for a “special tax regime” for the islands. “We are not going to apologize for being a tourist community,” he added, while criticizing the socialists talking about feminism while “refusing to investigate the scandal of minors under guardianship.”

In her speech, the president of the PP of the Canary Islands, Australia Navarro, has warned about the “emergency situation” in this territory governed by “a clone of the Government of Sánchez, more concerned about propaganda” in the face of “a labor desert, a social wasteland and a fiscal hell.” The popular leader in Cantabria has expressed herself in this line, María José Sáez de Buruaga, which has charged harshly against the “populism” of the Cantabrian president, Miguel Ángel Revilla, “aimlessly” and “without a project or other objective other than to stay in power.”

Paco Nunez, president of the training in Castilla-La Mancha, has defined Pedro Sánchez and Emiliano García-Page as “the Pimpinela of politics”, and has accused the latter of “disrespecting” the “thousands of deaths” of the coronavirus.

In the same way, the leader of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernandez, has asserted that the spirit of training in this autonomy is “indestructible” despite the secessionist challenge, while the Extremaduran Jose Antonio Monago it has valued the work of the “rural” world.

In addition, the president of the PP of Melilla, Juan Jose Imbroda, has criticized that after “three years of government”, the members of the Executive “have no bloody idea of ​​what happens” there and has asked Pablo Casado that, if he arrives at Moncloa, he declares July 21 as the day of the “heroes of Spain” to honor the fallen of the Annual Disaster and vindicate Spanish “patriotism.”

The popular leader in the Basque Country, Carlos Iturgaiz, has been convinced that Casado “is going to put an end to the mamandurrias of the nationalists and separatists in this country.” Finally, his counterpart in La Rioja, Jose Ignacio Ashtrays, has closed the act by saying goodbye to his party colleagues, since he will not appear at the next regional congress. Ceniceros regretted that his community has “suffered a lot” during the pandemic due to the “disastrous management” of the socialists and will not allow “in the recovery to lag behind.”

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