Lucia’s nightmare is repeated in ‘The Last Temptation’



Compared to the two previous installments of the format, ‘The Last Temptation’ is being the edition with less substance, although the villas have finally begun to implode in the program 5, broadcast tonight on Telecinco. Except Andrea, whose talent to crown herself as the owner and mistress of the ‘show’ is innate and has not disappointed in the new version. Her stay in paradise has already spread to her to kiss Manuel, fool around with Óscar (afterwards passing him olympically), and forget that a boyfriend named Roberto is waiting for her in Villa Luna. And as if that were not enough, the debate on Monday showed some unpublished images with another bombshell. “You cheated on your boyfriend with me,” said Cristian Jerez during one of the Villa Playa parties. Visibly pissed off, the Catalan denied the major before the accusation. “You’re a liar, everyone knows it,” she charged against her ex-boyfriend, assuring that when the meeting happened she was not yet with her partner and admitting that she has cheated with Manuel.

Another such dance is Fani, also a repeat offender in cheating on ‘prime time’. Although he did not go as far as in the first edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’, his affair in the pool with Julián has put his relationship with Christopher on the tightrope for the umpteenth time. Although there are also 2921241 times that her boyfriend forgives mistakes again. “Fani has promised me that she will not fail me again, if she does, it will be over forever,” she commented after the confrontational bonfire in the previous episode. Christopher is not that he trips twice on the same stone, it is that he has directly registered on the ground. At least he admits that “every time I get here I take a stick with me.”

Isaac’s betrayal

Now, after what was seen tonight, Fani’s boyfriend can dispute with Lucia the title of most unfortunate contestant in love of all editions. And it is that the third to fall into temptation has been Isaac. After Bela’s arrival at Villa Playa, you didn’t have to be a fortune teller to guess that things would happen between the two of them for people over 18But events have gone faster than expected.

Poor Lucia could not have had a worse strategy of expelling the temptress from Villa Luna: a few hours after Bela entered, and after exchanging various phases of fooling around that would excite Nora Ephron, the still boyfriend of the woman from Cádiz threw himself into the mouth of his old roll. Yes, the same one who swore and perjured that he would not harm his girlfriend. And the same one that in the previous edition cried heartbroken to see her suffer when Manuel also cheated on her in front of half of Spain.

Clearly from said to fact there is an insurmountable stretch for some, so, After an exchange of unsubtle hints they ended up giving themselves the lot first and later, carricoche. “I am very glad that you have made the decision to let yourself go,” the girl commented suggestively before eating her nose. “If not, what am I here for, no?” Without intending it, the best answer was later given by Christofer when he reproached him for his way of acting. “If you don’t like hurting other people, knowing that you can do it outside, have endured.” It had to be said and it was said.

Needless to say, the meeting between Isaac and Bela has brought a tail. For the first time in the history of the program, the emergency visitation has been activated, teaching without bonfires in between and point-blank in the other house “the fact that can definitively mark the course of one of the couples”, in the words of Sandra Barneda. But none of the tenants of Villa Luna saw coming the images that the presenter was going to show them on the tablet.

However, against all odds, Lucia has not collapsed when she sees her boyfriend in full swing. On the contrary, if the zascas were bullets the Wolf would be buried three times. It is true that the girl already has experience in televised infidelities of her partner, but she has merit such a lesson in self-love after being betrayed for the second time and on top of having to see it. «If there is something I have learned from last year to this, it is that I am not going to lose my health for a man It hurts? If I care? Shit. Absolutely nothing happens. I feel bad, disappointed, but the pain I felt when Manuel did it to me I have not felt. If I have not died for Manuel, I am not going to die for him », he answered firmly to Barneda.

The one from Puerto Real has even refused to have a meeting with her hitherto partner to give her a door. I don’t want to know anything more about that person. I don’t even want to see it to say goodbye. He is no longer my partner; he acts like he doesn’t have it, so I don’t even have to communicate anything to him, “he asserted.

Marina and Manuel have almost been more contrite. Through tears, her former friend regretted the situation. «I knew it, I have lived exactly the same as you because this person is like that. In the end people do not change, although I also defended him tooth and nail. Although the authentic ‘plot twist’ is that of the Cadiz. The same one who cheated on him in ‘The Island of Temptations 2’ and who has spent the entire program boasting that Isaac is also unfaithful to him, has ended with a tear. “It has hurt a lot because you don’t deserve that,” he would say to his former partner in distress. Shortly afterwards, he completely broke down when Lucia recognized that he is her greatest support, “as if he were family,” in the adventure. This plot promises.

Bonus track from today’s show. After the storm of Lucia and Isaac, avisaba Sandra Barneda to the inhabitants of Villa Playa that two of them had to leave the house without saying goodbye to their companions. The chosen ones have been Alejandro and Marina, who have exchanged location with Mayka and Jesús. The latter has been the only one enthusiastic about the change; in fact, he has confessed his desire for “there to be movement.” Judging by Isaac’s face when he saw the Sevillian appear again through the door of Villa Luna, it is going to be a premonitory phrase.

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