Luis García Pérez and Juan Manuel Seco, “Río Ungría” and “Río Henares” poetry awards




Zamorana poetry is in luck with the recognition it has just received Luis Garcia Perez (Pereruela de Sayago), for its poem «Like the air, the sun or the stars», considered by the Diputación de Guadalajara as the winner of the 2020 «Río Ungria» award, selected from the 99 works that participated in this contest. It was intended to award a free-form poem whose length did not exceed one hundred verses.

Luis García Pérez has to his credit a extensive literary work -what includes poetry, narrative and essay– He has worked as a teacher in his homeland, which he left to settle in the town of Puertollano, where he continued to work as a teacher. Primary Education Teacher and BA in Hispanic Philology from UNED.

He has published numerous newspaper articles and his work appears in various anthologies, magazines and other monographic books. He has written and performed some short plays. He is Grand Commander of the Francisco de Quevedo Order in Villanueva de los Infantes and a member of the Marian-Bibliographic Academy of Lleida. He belongs to the Guadiana literary group, from Ciudad Real and directs the magazine “Alforja de Estaribel”.

Among his poetic work stands out “Resplandor de la Palabra”, the “Rodrigo de Cota” National Poetry Prize of Toledo; «This human tear», «Through the tunnel of Cronos», «April in your pupils», «Parable of the Walker», Orippo prize, by Dos Hermanas and «Symbols of Puertollano» and «Surcos de la memoria», both in 2004 .

He has also published three books of short stories. “Chronicles of the Wind”, which was awarded the Carta Puebla prize in 1989; “Under the stars and other stories”, and “The Source of Life and other stories”, among others.

The poet and translator

For its part, Juan Manuel Seco del Cacho (Madrid, 1965) has been awarded for his sonnet “Pain and Glory”. Doctor of Philology, he works as a teacher and translator.

His literary career began in 1988 when he published the collection of poems entitled “Losing the final judgment” (Ayuntamiento de Talavera de la Reina, 1988) and has participated in several poetic anthologies, among others, Aldea poética VI and Latidos de la vida.

He has also participated, with translations, in several anthologies of English poetry, 16th-20th centuries. He has been awarded numerous awards such as “Joaquín Benito de Lucas” (Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, 1987), “Arcipreste de Hita” (Guadalajara, 1994), “Art with Words” from Miami in 2016, International “New Wine” from Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) and “Enrique Segovia Rocaberti” from Chinchón (Madrid, 2019).

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