Luis Suárez’s Italian exam scam



The Italian authorities have suspended from their duties for eight months those responsible for the University for Foreigners of Perugia who organized and rigged the citizenship test of the Uruguayan soccer player Luis Suarez in September so I could wear the Juventus. The investigations highlight that «the contents of the exam had been previously communicated, reaching the predetermination of the result and the exam score to correspond to the requests that Juventus had made in order to achieve a positive image, both personal and for the University ».

This is what the Italian media affirms this Friday, which indicates that it has been the Guardia di Finanza which has suspended the rector of the university, Giuliana Grego, the director Simone Olivieri and the professors who examined the Uruguayan forward, after the Perugia Prosecutor’s Office has concluded in his investigation that “the contents of the test had been previously communicated to the player himself, coming to predetermine the result and score of the exam”.

All this to comply with the requests that Juventus had made, who was negotiating a possible signing if Suárez reached a favorable exit agreement with Barcelona, ​​since his contract was valid until 2021.

According to the same information, the directors and professors of the Italian university, according to the same information, wanted to “achieve a positive image return”, both for the Juventus as for the educational center itself.

So, they provided the player with questions so that they could be prepared and obtained without problems a certificate of Italian level B1, necessary to obtain citizenship in Italy.

Last September, the transcription of some conversations intercepted by the Perugia Prosecutor’s Office in which Stefania Spina, in charge of preparing the exam, acknowledged that Professor Lorenzo Rocca had “made a simulation” of Suarez and had agreed on the questions.

Spina admitted that the Uruguayan did not speak “a word” of Italian and did not know how to conjugate the verbs, so “passing a two-hour exam in that way is not easy.” But nevertheless, the teacher guaranteed that Suárez would pass the exam because “charging a salary of 10 million euros per season cannot be suspended for not having a B1”, despite not reaching “nor an A1”.

On September 24 it was known that Suárez was finally signing for him Atlético de Madrid.

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