Mach-E: This is how the first 100% electric Mustang gallops




The Mustang family grows. Ford has decided to expand the range of its legendary “muscle car” with a new model that, at first glance, may shock purists: an SUV. And also electric. However, the Mustang Mach-E, which we have been able to test for several days, demonstrates qualities that allow it to show off a surname with so much weight without it squeaking.

The Mach-E is a very agile and dynamic car. The sensations, of course, are different from those of the two-seater V8, and it does not reach such a high degree of sportiness, but that does not mean that the performance is not sensational. In no time the 2,182 kilos of weight of our unit, with extended range battery and all-wheel drive, thanks to the two electric motors that drive it, and which together produce 351CV.

The quick feel of the steering stands out, and especially the verve when pressing the accelerator pedal fully. Three driving modes, Whisper, Active y Untamed, allow you to slightly modulate driving, for example, making the steering more or less direct. The cornering grip is also remarkable, thanks to the balanced distribution of the weight that the batteries allow, since, despite its SUV aesthetics, it is actually a fairly low car, with only 14.5 centimeters of ground clearance .

Our Mach-E mounts the largest battery that for now can equip the model, 99 kWh, which allows it to travel up to 540 kilometers on a single charge (the rear-wheel drive variant reaches 610, while with the “small” 76 kWh battery, it starts at 400 kilometers). It is also particularly efficient, since it is not difficult to achieve an average consumption of 18 kWh. This despite the fact that during our test we traveled many kilometers of highway, a territory where electric vehicles cannot take advantage of the energy of deceleration and braking as well as in the city.

Inside, the materials They are pleasant to the touch and the finishes and finishes are good, not luxurious but sporty. The huge panoramic roof stands out, not opening, which reinforces the feeling of space inside, and which will be especially appreciated by the passengers in the rear seats, who without said roof could feel somewhat constrained by the coupe shape of the rear. Another virtue of the model is that, in addition to the rear luggage compartment of 400 liters, it incorporates a second storage space in front, with 81 liters, which allows to house the recharging cables.

The best thing about the Mach-E is the many technological details that Ford has incorporated. The main one is the huge central screen of 15.5 inch, easy to use, intuitive and agile thanks to Ford’s Sync4 system, which also incorporates a physical wheel to manage the volume. Its display is completed with a fully horizontal 10.2-inch instrument panel, which shows the information very simply and clearly.

Its innovative door opening system also deserves a special mention. Instead of handles, the Mach-E incorporates, to open from the outside, a button (and a handle for the front). In addition to the key and the mobile phone, it can be opened by means of a preset numeric code, thanks to a keyboard that lights up on the frame. From the inside the mechanism consists of some kind of marksman, whose operation is very comfortable and practical.

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