Macron announces that France will deliver another 100 million euros in emergency aid to Lebanon

Paris will also send half a million doses of coronavirus vaccines


The President of Lebanon, Emmanuel Macron, announced on Wednesday that Paris will deliver another one hundred million euros in emergency aid to Lebanon, within the framework of an international conference coinciding with the first anniversary of the explosions on August 4, 2020 in the capital of the country, Beirut.

“Today I am in a position to announce that, over the next twelve months, we are going to deliver more than one hundred million euros in new commitments to directly support the population of Lebanon,” he said, before adding that Paris will also send half a million euros. doses of coronavirus vaccines.

“This aid will focus mainly on education, with exceptional support to families, pupils and students. It will be added to food aid and, on the other hand, we will increase our support for agriculture,” he stressed during his speech.

He also stressed that the French authorities “will also contribute to the reconstruction of the port, the true lung of Lebanon”, while adding that Paris will work so that this support “directly benefits the Lebanese population, in a transparent and transparent manner. traceable “.

Macron has said that, a year after the “terrible explosion”, “no one has forgotten anything”, before stressing that, however, “the situation has worsened.” The situation in the port did nothing but aggravate a multiform crisis at the economic, financial, social level and the current food crisis “.

On the other hand, he has applauded the “essential role” of the Army, which has played “a role of stabilization, transparency and accompaniment of the population”, and has asked the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, and the Lebanese politicians to work to remove the country of the crisis it is going through.

“I still think that the crisis in Lebanon is not a stroke of luck or a fatality. It is the result of individual and collective failures and unjustifiable dysfunctionalities,” he explained. “The entire Lebanese political class, the entire Lebanese political class, continues to aggravate the situation by prioritizing their individual and partisan interests over those of the Lebanese people,” he added.

For this reason, it has reiterated the need to form a government that is in charge of “implementing the most urgent reforms in the service of the population,” which “will allow the international community to support Lebanon,” while saying that the Wednesday’s conference is not “a blank check for the benefit of the Lebanese political system.”

“Lebanese leaders seem to be betting on decadence. I’m sorry. I think this is a historical and moral failure,” he stressed, before recalling that the European Union (EU) has created a specific sanctions regime against the people responsible for this. situation of stagnation and political crisis.

Finally, Macron has criticized that, a year later, the investigations have not led to conclusions or legal proceedings against those responsible, while showing the availability of Paris for “all technical cooperation.”

The unease has been on the rise in recent months due to the blocking of investigations and delays in the withdrawal of the immunity of former ministers and parliamentarians whom Judge Tarek Bitar has summoned to testify in the framework of the investigations.

The explosions took place at a time when Lebanon is going through a serious economic crisis and triggered a new wave of protests that resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Hasan Diab, who remains in office in the absence of an agreement on a new government. .

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