Madrid, on the hunt for the North American tourist for the post-Covid era



To invest one million euros to try to reach nine million potential tourists. Trying to cover a lot with very little is also a new reality derived from the ravages of the coronavirus. Especially in one of the hardest hit sectors and whose resistance will reach the limit with the advent of the long-awaited vaccine. Therefore, the Community of Madrid has decided to start appeal to emotions of the country whose citizens spent the most on their visits to the region in 2019: United States.

To regain that position as a preferred tourist destination for potential visitors to cities such as Chicago, Miami Y New York, the Madrid Executive has decided to export the “Together we are a better Madrid” campaign, which it launched last summer for local tourism. Under the motto translated into English «Together we are a Greater Madrid», the promotional campaign will invite, entirely in digital media and social networks, to plan your visit to travel once circumstances allow. The idea joins the other major campaign aimed at national tourism and the main European tourist source markets (Italy, France and Germany), launched on November 11 under the title “Memories of Madrid”, in collaboration with the City Council of the capital.

With the pandemic, Madrid has not only suffered the drastic loss of travelers from what was its main source market last year. The Directorate General for Tourism has detected something even more worrying: a substantial decrease in online searches with the intention of traveling to Madrid since the start of the health crisis. “It is important to maintain contact and visibility at origin in the markets that have traditionally contributed high rates of tourism to the region.”

Thus, in the first nine months of 2020 and due to mobility restrictions due to Covid-19, the Community has registered a 82.3% drop in the number of tourists from the United States compared to the same period of the previous year. ‘Yet Americans have continued to be the higher average daily expenditure (267 euros) and per stay (1,857 euros) have been made ”, they say about the few who have visited the region in these turbulent moments.

“American tourists plan their trips at least six months in advance, so we want to start positioning the Community of Madrid as a destination for the 2021 high season,” the Minister of Culture and Tourism explains to ABC. Marta Rivera de la Cruz, on the timing of the campaign.

From their department they add that it has been articulated to reach a segmented audience, based on the interests of the tourist profile visiting Madrid. Specifically in the group that North Americans make up with a medium high purchasing power who have traditionally been interested in visiting the region attracted by its cultural offer, its historical heritage or gastronomy. This campaign will also try to reach those with other interests that also report huge benefits to the sector such as shopping tourism, business tourism, wine tourism, leisure and, within the latter, especially flamenco.

“We want to remind the North American tourist that beyond the offer of the capital, here you will find heritage cities, unique monuments and an exceptional gastronomic and oenological offer”, concludes the minister. In this sense, remember the pull that Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez and El Escorial, along with those known as “Once Villas”, they have for those who visit the region. Active tourism and ecotourism complement the offer with places such as the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park or Hayedo de Montejo, among others.

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