Madrid redoubles the pressure on Health to authorize it to do tests in pharmacies



Despite the fact that the accumulated incidence in the Community of Madrid has improved notably in recent weeks, down to a rate of 222 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the situation continues to be worrying. Yesterday the region reported 154 new infections and 19 deaths in the last 24 hoursIn addition, there are still 294 patients in the ICU. Therefore, Madrid, which is determined to accelerate its rapid diagnosis strategy, yesterday reiterated the request he made to the Ministry of Health It’s been 12 days now for it to authorize rapid antigen tests in pharmacies for the coronavirus before Christmas, a time when restrictions will be lowered – meetings go up to ten people and the curfew is extended at 1.30. hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve- and in which a substantial increase in social contacts.

The plan prepared by the regional government intends that, on a voluntary basis, “high reliability” antigen tests be allowed in some 500 establishments in the region, with established safety criteria, to citizens interested in undergoing this test, as long as they have no symptoms. In case of having them, points out the Madrid Executive, they should always go to a health center.

If a person obtains a positive result during the process, the pharmacy office, as a health establishment, will notify them immediately (these tests provide results in about 15 to 20 minutes). At the same time, the data will be sent to the General Directorate of Public Health of the Community of Madrid. It is therefore foreseen that some 500 pharmacies can perform antigen tests from the moment in which the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, gives the go-ahead.

The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero placeholder imageHe recently explained that only pharmacists accredited by the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid will be able to carry out this type of diagnosis. Previously, they must obtain accreditation after passing a knowledge update course to show their training. In addition, depending on the municipality where it is located and its infrastructure, the pharmacy can take advantage of one of the two models designed to carry out the tests. Some will perform them during their opening hours and must have an access circuit to the limited area where the test is carried out. Others will choose to do them after closing to the public, providing a specific schedule for this purpose.

Short term strategy

On the other hand, the Community continues with its plan to try to lower the epidemiological curve through antigen testing in the areas most affected by Covid-19. The region expands these tests to six new basic health zones as of today: Jasmine (Linear City), Andres Mellado (Chamberí), Opañel (Carabanchel) and Uncle Raimundo’s Well (Puente de Vallecas) in the capital; in addition to Loranca Park (Fuenlabrada) and in San Martin de la Vega.

In these areas, it will be an essential requirement for the citizen to be able to take the antigen test to have received a text message on his mobile phone, indicating the time at which he has to go. The tests will be carried out per day and basic health area, between 1,500 and 2,000 people, to avoid unnecessary waiting and crowds. In addition, the individual health card must be carried. Since these devices were launched in the region, 534,078 tests have been carried out and more than 1,819,114 citizens have been summoned, of which 1,926 have tested positive.

The regional government reported yesterday that it will also antigen testing of 4,153 students from 62 Special Education centers and 4,000 vulnerable workers in public educational centers, thanks to an agreement reached with Banco Santander and the Red Cross. The bank will donate 265,000 euros to the Red Cross within the Together Solidarity Fund, which the financial institution launched in March. For its part, the Red Cross will provide the equipment for the extraction and the rest of the professionals of the mobile units will provide the necessary material for the development of the service and will take care of the collection.

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