Madrid will announce on Friday if the region closes the “macro bridge” in December




In just 48 hours, Madrilenians will know if they can go out on the “macro bridge” in December or this one will also have to stay at home, as has happened in those of El Pilar (October 12), Todos los Santos (November 1) and La Almudena (November 9). The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero placeholder image, has assured that on Friday, when the epidemiological situation in the basic health areas is reviewed, it will be decided which of them continue to maintain the restrictions and which ones are released from them, or if any other enters or leaves this category. And that same Friday will be announced the decision of the health authorities regarding the “macro bridge” in December.

He has not wanted to advance further in this regard, although he has warned that the “prudence criterion” that has been applied to date in the Community of Madrid will be maintained.

Madrid, in this also, has chosen its own path: compared to other regions that have decided to close perimeter for periods of at least 7 days, the region it runs Isabel Diaz Ayuso opted, when it had the opportunity – on the Pilar bridge, Madrid was under a state of alarm imposed by the Central Government only for this community – to close the regional territory only during the days of the bridge: from Friday to Tuesday.

A decision that allowed the Madrid authorities to avoid a million displacements, as indicated, and at the same time they maintained the activity in the rest of the working week. The same formula could be repeated now.

In the case of the December “bridge”, it has not yet been decided whether it would be a closure for days, like the previous ones, or longer. In any case, the Madrid health authorities are happy with the latest epidemiological data of the region, which indicate a cumulative incidence below 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

There has been a decrease in incidents in 96.8 percent of basic health areas, and the data is below 300 in many localities: Madrid capital is at 280, with districts that are responding especially well such as Arganzuela, Barajas, Latina, Tetuán, Villa de Vallecas or Usera, the latter with an incidence of 198 cases.

In addition, there are large municipalities below 250 cases, such as Alcalá de Henares, Alcorcón, Getafe, Leganés or Torrejón de Ardoz. Of course, despite the improvement, they ask not to lower their guard and not trust themselves in the face of an elusive and very changeable virus.

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