Madrid’s Covid measurement system denies Sánchez’s accusations




Last week, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, He did not miss the opportunity in a group with journalists displaced to Senegal, where he was traveling, to try to get ahold of the Madrid electoral campaign by muddying the management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s Team on account of the management of the coronavirus. The head of the central Executive assured that the Community was falsifying the data, especially those of infected, to lower the incidence of the pandemic in the region.

However, the also socialist leader did not provide data on infections and, in addition, he considered valid the rest of the indicators in Madrid (ICU occupation and accumulated incidence in the last fourteen days), without realizing that these are in fact derived from positive cases and, therefore, of the daily figures that the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of the branch, which are the same and that Carolina Darias technicians also publish every afternoon.

In addition, the Madrid health specialists explain to ABC what the process is to account for all the parameters and that, they insist, they are the ones that are then replicated by the Government of the Nation on a daily basis.

The deputy counselor of the Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero, narrates it descriptively to ABC. «The system does not have much difficulty. Infections are detected by two systems: PCR and antigen tests. Each laboratory dumps its results on a Public Health server daily, they are required. Both the results of the tests that are done in Primary Care and in public and private hospitals. There have been times, especially this past summer, when occasionally there was such a build-up that results were delayed six or seven days. But now they are in 24 hours or, at most, in 48 “, explains Antonio Zapatero, who is also a doctor by profession.

Regarding the occupation of beds, “Each hospital fills in a form with the number of admissions, discharges, deaths, entries and exits from the ICU …”, specify. So he does not understand why the President of the Government doubts the information provided to Darias by the Community of Madrid.

“If the complaint is about the number of infected, we provide the figures every day. Let him contribute his, because he has not said them. The Ministry of Health – he insists – does not lie either, because it is our data that it receives and publishes ». So, he claims, Sánchez “can’t make any fault.”

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