Maduro considers Guaidó “crushed” and places the US as an interlocutor in the negotiations


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has considered the opposition leader Juan Guaidó “crushed”, and has denied that there is any political duality in the South American country, which is immersed these days in a negotiation process in which, for Chavismo Indirectly, it is the United States Government that speaks through the Unitary Platform.

Maduro has assured that this dialogue table between the Government “and the opposition” allows to recover “the mutual recognition of the political actors” of Venezuela, which has been experiencing a political crisis for years due to the mutual misgivings expressed by the main parties.

Chavismo demands the lifting of international sanctions, “as well as the return of assets seized abroad”, alluding to the funds that remain blocked precisely because of the punishments that have been promoted, among others, by the United States and the European Union.

“I am clear that when we sit at that table we understand that we are sitting with the United States Government,” Maduro declared, in an interview with the state-run VTV in which he placed the opposition as “dependent on the opinions” of Washington. “When we speak to them, we speak to the United States because they are their politicians in Venezuela,” he added.

The opposition, however, has modified the negotiating delegation to remove Guaidó’s representative in the United States, Carlos Vecchio, who denounced that the ruling party had vetoed him. In his place has joined Freddy Guevara, released in mid-August.


Maduro has defended the legitimacy of the institutions controlled by Chavismo, including the National Assembly that emerged from the 2020 elections. In this sense, he has denied that there is any duality after the self-proclamation of Guaidó as the ‘president in charge’ of Venezuela in January 2019 : “There was always only one government, first recognized by the people and then by the rest of the world.”

What there has been, he added, “was a stupid campaign believing that he was president of a country. For Maduro, Guaidó is a” wimp of the United States who seeks the “overthrow” of the government and the “destruction” of the ‘revolution’ promoted by Hugo Chávez.

“We simply defeated them, we crushed them. Juan Guaidó will go down in the history of Venezuela as the most nefarious politician that there has been in our country,” he declared.

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