Maduro shaped the Chavista dictatorship under terror, repression and corruption

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The Venezuelan dictatorship was born with the commander Hugo Chavez and it was finished molding with Nicolas Maduro, who has put his personal stamp of terror, repression and exacerbated corruption, induced by his Castro masters and supported by Iran, Russia, China and Turkey.

The result of 21 years of insane revolution today presents an oil country in ruins and in the abyss, full of misery and three-year hyperinflation, atrocious unemployment, 96% of Venezuelans plunged into poverty with an exodus of 5.5 million people, classified as the worst crisis in the American continent, according to analysts.

When Chávez began in 1999, no one suspected that his close relationship with Fidel Castro he was going to lead the country to disaster. Everyone said that Venezuela was not Cuba, but now “we are worse than Cuba”, longing for the freedom they enjoyed during the previous 40 years of democratic governments.

After the 2002 coup attempt, Chávez realized that he had to change powers and institutions in order to have greater control of the government. To give itself a democratic facade, it called elections and referendums every year with an electronic electoral system, first with the Spanish company Indra and then with Smartmatic, which guaranteed the votes in its favor, as long as there was a high abstention in those elections.

The new electronic electoral system installed allowed the commander to win all the elections, except the referendum for the reform of the 2007 constitution, when high participation prevented fraud. That same abstention, key for the convenor to win, is what Nicolás Maduro has used to impose his totalitarianism.

«With the Smartmatic system the electoral results can be turned in favor of the client. It has always been like this with Chávez, “says the expert. Adriana Vigilanza.

Chávez also began by changing the names of the institutions, ministries and streets to the heroes of Cuba and to the guerrillas and Venezuelan revolutionary kidnappers such as Jorge Rodriguez, father of the head of Maduro’s campaign command, to empower popular power, “the Chavista people,” giving it a leading role that at the moment of truth was to have them controlled and submissive.

To have greater control over his comrades in arms, Chávez also allowed the corruption of the officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, according to the former defense minister, Fernando Ochoa Antich. But with Maduro, corruption metastasized in the barracks, reaching the extreme of giving the military greater power to advance in all civil, business, economic and political spheres, such as being candidates for deputies of the National Assembly.

The great power that internally supports Maduro, heir to Chávez, are the military, who carry out the repression against those who think differently, torture against political prisoners, and limit the mobilization of civilians within the country through the policy of terror and violence. fear.

Maduro has closely followed Chávez’s legacy with the so-called “Plan de Patria”, which he technically left, before dying, at the end of 2012, and has exacerbated it to such an extent that no one recognizes the state in which Venezuela finds itself today. .

Put sticks in the wheel

When the avalanche of voters in 2015 produced the victory of the current National Assembly, mostly opposition, which leads Juan Guaidó, Mature and God given hair, who was president of the outgoing parliamentary directive, took advantage of the Christmas festivities before closing to appoint a new Supreme Court of Justice and eliminate three indigenous delegations so that the opposition parliament would not have the two-thirds required by the absolute majority of the 167 deputies.

Thus, with that simple majority of 112 deputies, there was little the opposition parliament could do to dethrone Maduro. From that moment on, the totalitarian regime decided to put obstacles in the way of the opposition parliamentarians in order to advance in the dictatorship with its policy of terror, of threatening, harassing, persecuting and imprisoning even their relatives, in addition to sabotaging all their legislative work. This produced a diaspora in exile of more than 35 deputies and Guaidó collaborators.

Maduro even went so far as to eliminate the salary of opposition deputies, leaving their members, whose families and friends have supported their support for years, financially out of the picture. In 2017, as a consolation prize, Maduro decides to convene a National Constituent Assembly to please Diosdado Cabello, and entrusts him to reform the constitution. In this, the number two of the dictatorship fails and does not produce any reform, but it does lead the persecution against the deputies and the like, and imprisons alleged conspirators who were financed by himself, according to testimonies published on social networks.

The following year, in 2018, Maduro decides to run for reelection of the presidency, disabling politicians and opposition parties from his jurisdiction, and only allows Henry Falconamong other candidates to serve as a comparsa, appealing to abstention due to the lack of free and fair electoral conditions. With the same tactic that Chávez used, Maduro won the rejected and questioned presidential elections of that year, falling into the category of usurper and illegitimate.

With those same disqualification and rejection, Maduro enroutes on Sunday to some parliamentarians with a block of 110 additional deputies secured from the original 167 seats that are preparing to finish liquidating the opposition parliament that voted the majority in 2015.

“The first thing I will do after 6D will be to issue the capture and arrest ballot to the deputies who promoted the sanctions,” says the Minister of Prisons, Iris Varela, as a candidate of the future Chavista parliament that must be entered with a handkerchief in the nose after January 5.

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