Mainat collides with Gloria Serra and reveals messages prior to the filming of «Investigation Team»




The television producer Josep María Mainat He starred last Friday in a chapter of the La Sexta program “Investigation Team” presented by journalist Gloria Serra. Since then, the former member of “La Trinca” has opened a war against space accusing those responsible for deceiving him.

“The program of The sixth It has nothing to do with what we agree to. They have turned a personal interview into a confrontation with a person who did not even inform me that he would appear on the show. I feel cheated and manipulated. My grandmother used to say it: “You can’t trust anyone,” “he wrote last Friday after the program was broadcast on his Twitter account.

Immediately afterwards, Mainat stated that he did not trust the chain, but rather specific people, whom decided to “exceptionally” grant a personal interview. “Not informing me that another interview would be interspersed in the middle, it seems inadmissible to me on any network and in any television genre,” he said, referring to the issuance of a series of statements by his ex-wife, and alleged author of an assassination attempt Dobrowolski.

After hearing the complaints of the creator of “Operación Triunfo”, those responsible for “Research team” they wanted to expose their version, also on social networks. «The program never agreed on the contents of the report with Mainat. The producer agreed to be interviewed on a single condition: that he would not speak about judicialized issues, “said the official profile of the program in a series of” tweets. ” “We agreed that we would ask the questions and he would respond as he deemed appropriate,” added the format.

Regarding the appearance in the report of his wife, the space claimed to have conveyed to Mainat its interest in having “all the parties involved.” «Our meeting with the television producer took place on November 19, but until then the program did not have the participation of Dobrowolski. It was not until 8 days later that the attorneys for Dobrowolski they said yes to the interview “, concluded the space after remembering that it is not an” interview “program.

Gloria Serra has tried to stay in the background in this confrontation between Mainat and the program he leads, yet he took advantage of one of the congratulations received after the broadcast of the space, specifically the one expressed by the presenter of La Sexta Josep Pedrerol, to affirm: «To contrast they call now manipulate». For his part, Mainat has continued to fuel the controversy by sharing a private chat with a member of the “Investigation Team” on the networks and accusing the format of promising to offer “opinions close to him” and ending up including the testimony of his alleged murderer.

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