Mañueco invites optimism and sets growth at 6% for 2021




«If the year 2020 was the year of resistance, this year 2021 is of the comeback and the year 2022 will be the year of recovery. This is how the Chairman of the Board predicted it this Monday, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, during the opening ceremony of the economic course in Castilla y León held at the Valladolid Trade Fair. The leader of the regional Executive was in charge of closing the day with a few words endorsed later with data and that, as he has claimed, “They invite us to look to the future with optimism.” The figures that Mañueco has exposed and that weeks before the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, had already presented, show a 17% GDP growth in the second quarter of this year. Situation that leaves Castilla y León among the autonomous communities “closest to recovering pre-ndemic activity.” Although to this he has added a ‘but’: «Our recovery is less intense» because the other regions start from «a worse situation than Castilla y León».

With “The highest growth in the historical series” of GDP having recovered “44 percent” of everything lost due to Covid and after recovering “97 percent of employment prior to the pandemic,” the Chairman of the Board has predicted that from his government they foresee “A growth around 6% of the GDP when the financial year 2021 ends”.

The “hopeful data”, the leader of the regional Executive has thanked, would not have been possible without the efforts of society and businessmen.

“Triple objective” accomplished

With the data in your favor, the president has taken his chest out of the achievements made in 2020: “We met the triple objective of having less recession, unemployment and debt than the Spanish average” and he stated that he was “convinced that next year figures similar to the year before the pandemic will be recovered. We have responsible and sound economic and fiscal policies that make this land a suitable place to invest in confidence and security.

With the 2022 Community Budgets as a “step on the road to modernization” for the definitive repair of the economy, the president has outlined that on this occasion they will focus on a sustainable economic and employment recovery, in strengthening social spending and public services, in the fight against depopulation and in the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

But the scenario of strength has “uncertainties” attributable to the central governmentThe payment of the 182 million of the VAT settlement of April 2017, and a greater laxity in the deficit targets. The president also took the opportunity to recall the role of the agri-food industry in Castilla y León, as he also explained Tomás Pascual, president of Calidad Pascual.

The businessman, who was a speaker at the event, pointed out the crucial role of the sector in Castilla y León and Spain and hharangued economic recovery by seeking a balance that favors consumption, market unity and internationalization.

He has also advocated for the creation of a “national plan” to make European aid more effective. At the same time, it has also demanded greater coordination between administrations and the private sector to make the most of this aid.

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