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«In these moments in which the pandemic opens the door to hope thanks to scientific advances and vaccines, this edition of The Ages of Man opens as a revulsive element, as well as enthusiasm and optimism, for those groups and sectors that have suffered the most during it. This is how he pointed it out this Tuesday the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, during the opening of the 25th edition of the exhibition The Ages of Man, under the title of ‘Lux’, in Sahagún (León).

An inauguration in which he advocated for seize the opportunity «together, each one with their responsibility and contributing their sand gratin » pnow “work together which unites us, with the same objective and the same passion to work for our land and its people “to” emerge stronger from the health, economic and social crisis. “

Fernández Mañueco went to the Sanctuary of the Pilgrim Virgin of the Facundina town that, together with the Church of San Tirso, acts in the Leonese town as the headquarters of the sacred art exhibition, after the city of Burgos and Carrión de los Condes (Palencia). There, he was convinced that The Ages of Man will become for several months in «a shop window in Sahagún towards the world ”, which will allow“ to increase its already enormous attractiveness ”and will be“ an incentive to recover the economic pulse and the dynamism of society from a resource as ours as is heritage ”.

“A great opportunity” offered by Las Adades del Hombre, which Mañueco referred to as «A magnificent example of how to reach, understand, assume and noteamplify the message of Jesus through culture, heritage and beauty “and that in the venues of the 25 previous editions” it has significantly improved its image and position as a tourist destination “, something that” always translates into greater opportunities and employment “and, therefore Therefore, in “greater social cohesion.”

Carrión de los Condes

During your visit to Carrión de los Condes, Fernandez Manueco, has ensured that the town is «the protagonist of a millenary history“As” one of the most important milestones “of the Camino de Santiago and one of the three venues of the XXV Edition of the Ages of Man ‘LUX’, which” recognizes the artistic and historical role of the Palencia municipality, “reported Ical.

The Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, during his visit to Carrión de los Condes.
The Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, during his visit to Carrión de los Condes. – ICAL

Mañueco has detailed the «component of the future“Of this sample, since it represents a” powerful element of impulse and integration of the entire region and province, from the generation of opportunities that, as they grow, reflect The Ages of Man. “

«Taking advantage of our resourcesAs the marvelous heritage that we treasure, we contribute to generating opportunities, wealth, employment, establishing a population and bringing closer and filling people with spiritual meaning ”. «We want the Ages to be an asset essential for reagents scopes as damaged as it has been tourism and hospitality after the pandemic experienced “.

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