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“The couple that never became a couple,” he defined Pepe Rodriguez to the compostelana Ophelia and the Murcian doctor Joseph. When he arrived on the program, the Galician woman’s heart stopped. It seemed that his was going to be the courtship of the edition. There were indeed approximations. Things progressed reasonably well for several weeks, but eventually broke down. The cardiologist explained last night that he lost interest because, during the coexistence, he saw the Galician excessively focused on the kitchen. The reproach is somewhat strange, since it is supposed that ‘MasterChef’ It is not ‘The island of temptations’, that is to say, that the idea is not to meet to flirt.

What happens between them will be out of the spotlight. Because the doctor was expelled last night. José entered gala seven and left at twelve. Gone is a spectacular dish – the one that earned him the access ticket – and a half-baked love. They agreed to meet outside, so Cupid he may not have used up all the arrows.

Those that are already distributed are the tickets for the semifinals. There are five and they have them Mary, Mary, Fran –Which keeps the immunity pin–, Arnau Y Ophelia.

The family in the kitchen

The families of the applicants went through the kitchens of ‘MasterChef’ in the first test. And there they stayed: they could not cook, but they could advise. The challenge was to evoke dishes from his childhood, but with avant-garde language. Javier, finalist of the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’, also appeared on the stove. After almost three months without seeing his relatives, emotions were unleashed.

A Mary (Tomelloso, 27) had to recreate a rice with chicken and squid that his grandmother and, now, his father made. Mary (Barcelona, ​​24) had to cook a meatball stew with tomato that her grandmother made. Joseph (Murcia, 34 years old) also made some meatballs, in this case in broth. Fran (Cuenca, 29) faced a white beans with chorizo. TO Ophelia (Santiago de Compostela, 29 years old) the san jacobos planted him with potatoes that they put in the boarding school. Boiled potatoes with grandmother’s sausage Arnau (Barcelona, ​​32) were the last evocative proposal.

Arnau He did what was asked: to modernize the dish, although he overburned the ham. Ophelia he went overboard with the paprika, but he made a dish as rich as it was modern. TO Mary It lacked seasoning and the meat was not very juicy. Joseph It was traditional when avant-garde was asked of it, and it wasn’t enough for him that he was rich, which he was. Mary He embroidered his update of the paella, but was only second in the test, as it was surpassed by the wonderful deconstruction of the fabada that he made Fran.

Fran, his wife and son Cayetano
Fran, his wife and son Cayetano – RTVE

Outdoor test

In the outdoor test, the applicants traveled to the Region of La Garrotxa, in Girona. They were greeted by Fina Puigdevall, who thirty years ago converted the farmhouse where he was born into the restaurant Les Cols, a space where you can savor food and nature at the same time. Two Michelin stars vouch for your bet.

Each team had to make two dishes. At stake was a hefty prize: the winners would automatically become semi-finalists of ‘MasterChef 9’.

A fresh egg accompanied by products from the garden, which gave it color, was the starter, with which he had to deal Ophelia. The duck with pears (second) corresponded to Joseph. Arnau took care of the technical part of these two dishes. These three hopefuls formed the blue team.

The river trout and acorn-fed ham millefeuille (first) had to be cooked Mary. Mary was in charge of making a carrot presented in six different textures (dessert). In this squad it was Fran the one who assumed the most technical role.

In the kitchen of Les Cols, the applicants worked under the orders of their departure bosses, as they would if they were paid in the restaurant. The catch is that they only got that support in the beginning. Suddenly, the professionals left and only the applicants remained. It was quite a surprise, and very unpleasant, for the contestants.

It then started in chaos in the red team. Input, Ophelia got stung with Joseph while Arnau – who naturally assumed the role of captain – tried to calm the spirits. Later, the Galician began to cry of helplessness, because instead of asking the chef how the colored egg was made, he preferred to be interested in his marital status (he was single, by the way). For this reason, he did not know that the eggs had to be put in the steam oven. To top it off, she was late in making bread.

This first professional challenge in a kitchen was solved much better by the red team, more cohesive and with clearer recipes.

Both squads collided over a furnace. Ophelia She had her now famous eggs at 65 degrees, and the trout for the red team needed to be done at 86, stressed the head chef. Mary He sensed that the Galician woman was not going to let him come near, and he spoke of low temperature. “When a head chef tells you that they are 86, they are 86,” he said, as almost never, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera

As the Catalan feared, the Galician did not let them open the appliance door. Samantha Vallejo-Nágera It reminded him that the furnace would have to be released by now if he had done it right. However, in the end a solution was found: another oven in the restaurant.

Before long, the party leaders returned to guide the dishes. The service was thus saved, although it started late with the eggs of yore, which, despite their lamentable presentation, could be eaten. Enough was done, given the chaos sown by Ophelia: “You are a great salesman, but they have sold you out,” he said. Jordi Cruz a Arnau, the great victim by the attitude of the Galician and the apathy of José, who focused on his plate and did not make a team.

The denouement was sung. The red team won, so Mary -Who embroidered the dessert-, Mary and Fran became the first semi-finalists.

María, Meri and Fran, first semifinalists of the edition
María, Meri and Fran, first semifinalists of the edition – RTVE

Elimination test

Reproduce a cup of cappuccino following the advice of Jordi Bordas, the first Spanish world champion of pastry. That was the elimination test. The task was capital. Up to seven elaborations required the dessert of yore. Namely: a coffee cake, a whipped chocolate ganache, a coffee crunch, a light dark chocolate mousse, a white chocolate and vanilla mousse, a white chocolate coating and a light coffee gel. edges and the actress Maribel verdu they went through the kitchens to encourage the applicants in this decisive challenge.

Arnau and Ophelia they seemed like the winning horses of the test, due to their greater rhythm. Then there was a moment when it seemed that JosephSlowly but surely, he was going to win the game: it was when the Catalan and Galician’s desserts were going to break. Ofelia herself was about to break herself: she almost fainted from the tension and had to stop.

It’s time for the truth. TO Ophelia the dish was tremendously bitter and with an ugly aesthetic. “What a marvel”, the chefs praised the proposal of Arnau. The cardiologist remained Joseph, whose pulse does not tremble like OpheliaWell, he takes everything in stride: the cup was ugly and lacked elaborations.

Arnau He went up to the gallery, with the ticket for the semifinal in hand. The matter was between Ophelia Y Joseph, “The couple that never became a couple.” “There are many men and ‘MasterChef’ there is one,” reflected the Galician once she became a semifinalist. With a smile, the cardiologist left, joining the group with the advanced program, since he could not do it before because he was fighting against the coronavirus. That was his great triumph of 2021. Being on the verge of being a semi-finalist of ‘MasterChef’ has been the second.

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