Matrix and the “most imposed” of the Botanist



Matrix, the film by the Wachowski brothers, was certainly a breath of fresh air in the science fiction genre. There are action scenes that have been copied over and over on numerous occasions. Others, much simpler, have been remembered for all that they represent. I mean the one that reflects the moment of the great decision that Neo, the protagonist of the film, has to make. They offer you two pills of different color that, at bottom, represent the important decisions that, sometimes, we must make. Who has not been attacked by the bug of doubt by not knowing what the future awaits us after the election? Choose the easy and comfortable path, even if you know deep down that it is not the best, or take a risk and change course?

In the Valencian Community, close up from Citizens a Ximo Puig it had aroused certain expectations, with the possibility of even supporting the Botànic’s budgets. But the jealousy and tensions have arisen in Commitment Y We can, which have quickly become unmarked, demanding a tax increase that citizens will hardly be able to admit.

For Ximo Puig, the easy way is to choose the Botanical pill that ensures a certain tranquility, only broken by the odd rant of the vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra. However, more than one member of your team knows that it is not the right decision. In fact, some such as the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, have expressed it in public.

Ximo Puig and Mónica Oltra in Les Corts Valencianes, a few days ago
Ximo Puig and Mónica Oltra in Les Corts Valencianes, a few days ago – EFE

You don’t have to be very smart to know that if you raise the price of your product by ten percent, not only are you not going to increase ten percent of your collection, but it is very likely that it will decrease. But it is a dogma to which the left, nationalist or not, clings to it as if its life depended on it and cheats the loner by manipulating spreadsheets that only they believe.

In a recent report on the new working conditions, Alicante and Valencia appeared as the ideal destination to work and telework. To our climate and good educational and health systems, we only need to add some details to achieve excellence. But when all goes well, the Botànic is determined to spoil it, its attacks on the private health system and its sectarian plans in education can now be accompanied by the threat from rise from taxes. Fortunately, the sun and sea breezes do not depend on the action of the Botànic, otherwise, possibly, we would also end up with a new glaciation reaching our lands, but accusing the community of Madrid of “climate dumping”.

Madrid has now become the target of the ire of the left and of the nationalists, the latter benefiting from the greatest fiscal dumping known in the history of Spanish democracy. And I wonder, why not, instead of criticizing the low taxes of other autonomies, we join their model and also lower them in the Valencian Community?

Puig has the option of choosing the tax cut pill. It is risky, but it sure is the best for Valencians. However, I am afraid that he will choose the other, to follow the lap of the nationalists and the ultra-left. If Neo had done the same in The Matrix, this would have been a fifteen-minute short film instead of a landmark of modern cinema.

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