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What the pandemic introduced as provisional, after the approval today of the amendment of the deputy of Together for Catalonia, Laura Borrás has become permanent. Specifically, the amendment approved with the vote against the two coalition parties PSOE and Unidos Podemos plus PNV and Nueva Canarias (NC) and the yes of the rest of the formations less ERC has opened the door to the creation of a new type of electricity contract for irrigators with the possibility of having two different powers throughout the year, one for the months of highest consumption and the other for the months of lower needs.

The approved proposal provides for its regulatory development “within six months” and obliges the Government to submit within the same period “a Plan for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Agricultural Operations ”in compliance with the Sustainable Economy Law of 2011 and to“ ensure free competition and guarantee the non-existence of contrary practices ”the Executive is required to carry out a “Cost audit” on electricity and its influence on the price.

120% more in the electricity bill since 2008

From the National Federation of Irrigation Communities of Spain (Fenacore), its president Andrés del Campo, has described in statements to ABC that the measure is “necessary and positive.” In addition to being an impulse to continue with the modernization of irrigation, of which there are still almost a million hectares. “With the current tariff system the process could hardly be completed,” he warned.

In any case, Del Campo has opined that the priority now is “to approve the regulatory development within the six-month deadline set” and prevent him from sleeping in a drawer. What in his opinion has happened with the Drought Law in 2018: «And it is that paying all year round for a service that is only used during the irrigation campaign, in addition to being unfair, unnecessarily increases farmers’ electricity costs ». In this sense, he estimates that if this new contractual modality is developed, farmers could save an important part of the fixed costs of energy, which represent 70% of all expenses.

Specifically, the president of Fenacore has estimated, since 2008 the electric bill has gone up more than 120%. What he has attributed, above all, “to fixed costs, since the power term has increased more than 1,100%”.

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