Melania Trump says goodbye to the White House with her latest Christmas decoration




The only first lady in almost two centuries born outside United States says goodbye to White House with a decoration dedicated entirely to what she herself has baptized as “America the beautiful”, a tribute to his adopted country much more classic than his previous experiments. They are dizzying figures: 106 trees, 350 meters of garlands, 106 pine crowns, 17,000 ribbons, more than 3,200 strips of light, all of them unveiled yesterday by a Melania Trump who is already retiring in Washington.

Yesterday, the first lady opened the doors of the White House for one of the great social events of the year, the exhibition of Christmas decorations to a select group of guests, among which was ABC. All eyes were on the president’s wife because just a few weeks ago an exam of hers revealed some private conversations in which she said she was tired of planning Christmas. «Who the hell cares about Christmas decorations?“Melania Trump wondered in those scandalous recordings.


Well apparently the first lady this year they have cared a lotGiven the extreme care in each room decorated this year, at the moment the last that will happen in this residence, after her husband lost the elections, although he has not yet accepted defeat.

As a somewhat melancholic gesture, Melania Trump hung up on the fireplace in the Porcelain Room, in the basement, three socks, one for her husband, one for her, and one for Barron, her son. It was the only personal license, the only detail that implied that she was the author of these decorations, a signature in her twilight work.


Melania Trump was also allowed to add to the crowns of the Scarlet Room a few white christmas balls that looked like her husband’s golf discards, with the motto “Be best” (in English, “be better”), the campaign against bullying of which it has been the flag in recent years. It was a central part of a section of the White House Christmas decorations dedicated to the heroes and victims of the coronavirus: dolls in the shape of nurses, policemen, scientists.

Catholic as she is, the first lady has given her back a dominant role to the Neapolitan nativity of the White House, a delicate 17th century nativity scene that occupies the privileged space in the East Room between the portraits of the first president, George Washington, and his wife, Martha. Around, figurines of trains, airplanes, rockets, cars and all kinds of means of transport to honor the ingenuity and tenacity of the American people.

Melania Trump has chosen, in her farewell, to go through the Washington ring. The White House it is a classic place where there are, a monument to an old imperial style where gold prevails. During her first two years in this residence, the first lady opted for modern decorations, more typical of a luxury store on New York’s Fifth Avenue than of the royal residence of American presidents. Her initial style – white painted reeds, crimson cones, spotlights and shadows – drew hilarity from Washington, which has always looked down on Melania Trump. This year, she is giving those who cannot stand her the gold that they have always wanted to see in those ornaments, and she is already packing her bags.

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