Merkel advocates for a more independent, more innovative and empowered EU to act


The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has advocated on Tuesday to take advantage of the exit from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic to make the European Union more independent, more innovative and with a greater capacity to act.

In a speech at the annual economic forum organized by the European Commission in Brussels, Merkel praised the “unprecedented” reaction of the bloc to respond to the disease, especially joint vaccination and the recovery fund, but also pointed out that the pandemic has also shown many of the “shortcomings” of the EU.

“I will go beyond the economy. We must not only build a new economy, but also the Europe we want. This is about the future of Europe, how we want to live as Europeans in this world, how we want to work in this world,” he stressed.

In Merkel’s view, the EU must be “more independent” to “decide its own future” and act accordingly, for example by promoting its “digital sovereignty” and becoming an “interesting trading partner” for third countries within certain markets. “open”.

Second, the EU must be “more innovative” because “even though Europe leads in many technologies” today, it is still “behind” in areas such as artificial intelligence, Big Data or microelectronics. “Research and innovation will give us the necessary push to close this difference”, he pointed out.

Finally, the German Chancellor has emphasized that the EU must be “more capable of acting” and “not only in times of crisis”. “The EU must be better equipped to take rapid common decisions and implement them better than in the past,” he explained.


Before Merkel, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has ensured that the response to the economic crisis in the EU shows that they have “learned the lessons of the financial crisis” of the last decade because “immediately” after After the virus reached the block, governments were allowed to skyrocket their spending to act against the disease.

Then a “package” of 800,000 million euros was launched, in reference to the recovery fund, in what he has described as the largest response to a crisis in Europe “since the Marshall Plan.”

The first debt issue, defended the head of the Community Executive, was a “great success” that will allow Brussels to make the first payments to the Member States before the end of July.

“With Next Generation EU we are rebuilding our continent for the coming decades, digitizing economies like never before and making the Green Deal a reality,” said the German, who has guaranteed that the “impact” of European investments will be ” very tangible. “

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