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In football, memory is weak and time is fleeting. As much as for what Leo messi has ceased to be essential in Barcelona, ​​on and off the pitch. If Ronald Koeman has excluded him from the last two Champions League calls, something unthinkable a few months ago, most of the candidates who aspire to succeed Josep Maria Bartomeu they are lukewarm when questioned about the continuity of Rosario. The serious economic situation that the club is going through, with few signs of reviving due to the pandemic; the high salary that the footballer receives, around 80 million euros per year; his age, in June he turns 34; and the performance you are offering this season pose serious doubts about the feasibility of extending your contract under current conditions and the impact it would have on the partner when going to the polls.

«I would not throw the house out the window for Messi. We want you to continue, but if you want to take a different path it will be your decision. We will continue ”, says Pere Riera, one of the most unknown candidates, but who summarizes the feeling of an important part of the culé partner, disappointed by the ways in which the Argentine wanted to leave the club this past summer. The proof that Messi does not agglutinate at the moment the sympathy of the majority of the Camp Nou is deduced from the words of Joan Laporta, which refused to make him one of the strong points of his candidacy. “I see myself capable, due to the respect and esteem that we have, to have a conversation with him when appropriate to help him decide and make it the best for Barça and for him,” he explained last Monday. In Laporta’s last sentence, in which he slides “what is best for Barça”, the famished treasury situation, the need to reduce expenses and, above all, cut the wage bill.

In this regard, the clearest is Toni Freixa, which uses the current photograph of the club to assess the difficult continuity of Messi. “The proposal that will be presented to you will not be the same as it has had until now because the income has fallen significantly and it will be necessary to find another formula. You have to look him in the eye and see what each one wants and what the club can offer. We do not depend on anyone. Messi has been everything and has to continue, but someday he will have to go. And the day it happens, hopefully never, it is not a question that takes my sleep, “says the lawyer. A prudent speech similar to that of Xavier Vilajoana: “If I am president, I will sit down and talk to him, listen to him, and based on that I will make a proposal.”

Income generator

Other candidates such as Víctor Font, Jordi Farré or Emili Rousaud They value Messi’s ability to generate income for the club when studying its continuity, although they feel handicapped by the entity’s liquidity problems. «We believe that Messi and Barça have to be one strategic partnership, goes beyond its withdrawal “, explains Víctor Font, in an idea similar to that of Farré:” We have an economic project to bring together the Barcelona and Messi brands. It is a brutal project. We can turn Messi into the new Jordan. It is evidence that the presence of Barcelona in the world of advertising and sponsorships has a much higher price with the “10” and its departure will reduce revenue. For this reason, Emili Rousaud advocates that “the stadium is renamed Camp Nou Leo Messi.” «If I am a sponsor, do you think I would like weLink my brand name to Messi? I think so. Franchise players help attract income to the club.

On January 1, you can freely negotiate your future and Koeman try to dose him to recover the genius of yesteryear. “He is still a very important and decisive player in our attack,” warns the coach.

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