Mexican deputies receive 13,000 euros as a Christmas gift

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Spanish parliamentarians pocket 3,000 euros a month (exactly 2,981.86 euros), but to that fixed salary we must add large diets for being “a member of the Table or of the Board of Spokespersons, aid for expenses that are essential for the fulfillment of their function such as transportation or compensation for being part of constituencies other than Madrid.” A compendium of monetary support to which Spanish politicians adhere. The 64th Mexican legislature “will collect 164 million pesos (about 6.56 million euros in total) as payment of allowances, Christmas bonus and ‘legislative support’ of its 500 federal deputies,” as reported by the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

According to the Administration Committee -organism in charge of considering the administration of human, material and financial resources of the Chamber- the deputies will receive 328,000 pesos (13,120 euros) corresponding to their diet, Christmas bonus (40 days of gross diet) and «legislative support». But this report also includes the solvency of salaries and end-of-year bonuses of its employees, as well as for the maintenance of their care homes.

Meanwhile, in the so-called Aztec country, on December 15, 45,786 pesos (1,831 euros) will be deposited in parallel for legislative assistance, 28,772 pesos (1,150) for Citizen Service and 38,363 pesos (1,535) under the concept of citizen service. – New Year’s Eve support. Each and every one of the resources they receive must be purchased and demonstrated to be charged.

With the exception of Switzerland where the deputies can continue to exercise ‘per saecula saeculorum’, the pensions of the European deputies and, in particular, those of the Spanish, are usually kept in question. They receive 80% if the mandate has lasted from 7 to 9 years, 90% if it has been extended to 11 years and 100% for more years. An advantageous anomaly (before 2011 it was the most fortunate sector, according to Mapfre) that dIt greatly differs from the perks that it could receive the average voter. In the Mexican case, the Lower House reserved 23.08 million euros for the payment of salaries and compensation for the retirement of its deputies who held office from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2018.

According to the Mexican press, in 2016, they discovered an extra bonus for the payment of bonuses or social management in their regions of 150,000 pesos (6,000 euros). The different parties charged according to their representation. But, finally, three of them got out of the process. Morena (whose founder is the president), MC and Manuel Clouthier were the only ones who did not exercise their right.

In Mexico, deputies and senators do not earn the same salary, the latter being slightly lower. At the proposal of deputy Pablo Gómez, the project in the immediate future is that the salary be equalized in both houses.

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