Being aware of what is consumed and how it is made is beneficial for people’s health, but also for the planet. For this reason, within its commitment to the environment, Florette launches the # MiNeveraSostenible campaign starring the actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz. A whole series of tips to maintain a diet that takes care of the planet and achieve a sustainable fridge. 1. Opt for proximity products. Local products that guarantee their quality and freshness should predominate in the shopping cart. By opting for local products, you will not only enjoy really fresh food, but you will also be supporting employment and the local economy. Choosing a local product means shortening the distance between the place of origin and the place of consumption, thus reducing the CO2 emissions derived from its transport. For this reason, Florette, in its commitment to sustainability, has fields close to its production centers to always maintain the maximum freshness of the raw material and, at the same time, reduce its impact on the environment. 2. Preserve food well so that nothing is lost. The first thing you should assess is whether this product should go in the fridge or in the pantry. For example, fresh vegetables that are ready to eat should go to the fridge in their own container, which is designed to keep their contents in an optimal state of freshness for as long as possible. Once opened, close it with a clamp and back in the fridge! To preserve fruits and vegetables in bulk, the ideal is to put them in mesh bags, which will allow them to prolong their freshness. You can also take them to the shopping and avoid the use of plastic bags. 3. Increase the consumption of vegetables. Besides being healthy, they are more sustainable. For this reason, and aware of the growing trend towards a diet focused on the consumption of vegetables, Florette launches the Complete Vegetarian Caesar Salad where it replaces chicken with protein of 100% vegetable origin. 4. Separate the waste. Caring for the environment is everyone’s job, both companies and society. As consumers, a simple activity that can be carried out is to separate the waste correctly. For this reason, the brand’s complete salad bowls are of 100% recycled origin and are also 100% recyclable. 5. Adopt the zero waste philosophy. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, each Spaniard threw away 31 kilos / liters of food and drink in 2020. One way to eliminate food waste is to take advantage of the previous day’s food to prepare tasty recipes and surprising. «These tips are the perfect starting point to get started in sustainable eating. The commitment lies in maintaining this lifestyle over time and being aware of the benefits it entails on a personal level, but also for the planet. We work daily to reinforce this commitment to the environment in all our areas of influence “, concludes Núria Alias, Florette’s marketing director.


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