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Marilyn Monroe, one of the myths of 20th century cinema, was born in Los Angeles (California) on June 1, 1926, which means that in five years we will surely celebrate, with great fanfare, the centenary of his birth. But, beyond the recurring anniversaries, the ‘Blonde Temptation’ is these days the subject of controversy in Hollywood and surroundings due to a statue that represents one of the best-known scenes of his filmography, installed at the entrance of the
Palm Springs Art Museum

The piece, titled
‘Forever Marilyn’
, measures almost eight meters (7.9, to be exact), was inaugurated last Sunday right in front of Palm Canyon Drive, the main tourist area of ​​the Californian city, and, barring unforeseen circumstances, it will stay there for at least three years.

Artist’s work
John Seward Johnson II
, which was inspired by ‘Temptation lives above’, directed by Billy Wilder in 1955, the sculpture first came to Palm Springs in 2012, as a 26 month lease, and was moved to New Jersey in 2014, Aftab Dada, president of a local hotel group, told Reueters.

The statue is already popular in the social media“Due to the photographs and selfies,” and the community hopes that its presence in the city will increase the number of visitors and tourists, Dada said, referring to what happened when the work arrived in Palm Springs for the first time. “At that time, the explosion of social networks was not as great as it is now,” he argued.

“It’s good for the community, it’s good for companies. This will be the ‘Eiffel Tower’ of Palm Springs ”, said a resident of the Californian city

For his part, John McDermott, 77, of Palm Springs, stopped in front of the sculpture during his morning bike ride. “I speak on behalf of the vast majority of Palm Springs residents, where everyone is delighted to have her back here, absolutely delighted. It’s good for the community, it’s good for businesses. This will be the ‘Eiffel Tower’ in Palm Springs, “said McDermott, in statements collected by Reuters.

you critics

An opinion that contrasts with that of Brooks Thomas, 50, who has lived in Palm Springs for eight years. “It’s absurd for you to go out of the museum and see the back of someone’s underwear. People have all kinds of problems with other things that seem obscene to them, but this … you know, they think it’s acceptable, “he said.

When the work was inaugurated, there were demonstrations against it led by the
Women’s March Foundation
, which he considers to be a misogynistic and sexist work, and is also at odds with its location. «The statue is designed so that when you leave the museum you can see his crotch … and take pictures. That may have been acceptable in the 1950s, but we are in 2021 and we are still fighting the same thing and saying enough is enough, enough is enough! ”He complained
Emiliana Guereca, founder of the Women’s March Foundation
, who collected his statements through a tweet.

A ‘Committee to Relocate Marilyn’, which has filed a lawsuit based on public codes and has already raised $ 70,000 (about 59,000 euros) to remove the sculpture from its current location.

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