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The City Council of
, in collaboration with hospitality establishments, has launched the II Route of the Tapa, to be held over the next two weekends. The tapas will have a single price of 2 euros and can be tasted on July 3, 4, 10 and 11, from 12.00 to 17.00.

After the interruption of this activity last year, due to the pandemic, the Ruta de la Tapa returns to Mocejón with the aim of energize the local economy, promote hospitality establishments and boost the gastronomic sector that you have gone through so many difficulties in the last year.

It will be the customers who decide the award for the best tapa by voting through a “Tapaporte” in which they will write down their preferred tapa, which must be sealed by 100% of the participating establishments, after tasting all the tapas, in the urns located in each of them.

Customers who deposit their “Tapaporte” may participate in the prize draw of 150 euros, sponsored by the City Council, to consume in the hospitality establishments of Mocejón.

The mayor, Conchi Cedillo, has invited the residents of Mocejón and the entire province “to get to know the local hospitality establishments and enjoy a pleasant day supporting this important sector in the social structure of the municipality.”

The Councilor for Commerce, Natalia Guardia, thanked the hoteliers for their involvement in this initiative and the effort they are making to implement all the necessary measures to guarantee safe consumption in their premises.

In the same way, he has called for consumers to be prudent, “because we are all responsible for maintaining respect for current regulations, guaranteeing safety and avoiding risky situations with our personal conduct.”

Cedillo has stated that “the restrictions in the hospitality industry derived from the pandemic have put the viability of jobs and hospitality companies at risk. For this reason, at the Mocejón City Council we began to work from day one to alleviate the consequences of Covid-19 on families and the local economic fabric.

Thus, he recalled that the Mocejón City Council already created in 2020 a direct help line to facilitate the self-employed and SMEs the continuity of their businesses and jobs. Last years the beneficiaries received up to a maximum of 500 euros, depending on the modality. This measure has continued in 2021, with aid of 700 euros for each establishment, to which an additional 100 euros are added for each employee on the payroll up to a maximum of five.

Finally, the exemption from the terrace installation fee for the hospitality establishments of the municipality in this exercise.

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