Morad, the ‘sold out’ rapper who faces the Police



It is the concept of the ‘self-made man’ but transferred to the suburbs and with quarrelsome overtones. Morad El Khattouti El Horami (L ‘Hospitalet, 1999) is the new’ enfant terrible ‘of rap. A media exponent of urban music who has gone from sharing his songs through WhatsApp to hanging the ‘sold out’ sign at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona at the beginning of September. But its success is not without controversy. A few weeks ago he was arrested for attacking two Mossos d’Esquadra, and is awaiting trial for an attempted robbery in a Barcelona apartment in 2018.

His lyrics flirt with ‘gangsta rap’ and ‘drill’. A kind of subgenres that they extol street brawls

, drug use and clashes with the Police. Something that Morad knows, beyond his lyrics – “Fuck you Mossos d’Esquadra”, among other pearls. And it is that last July he ended up in the police station for attacking two regional police officers after skipping the curfew. It has not been his only ‘stumble’ with authority. In August, he boasted, via social networks, of standing up, along with his entourage, to members of the Guàrdia Urbana de L’Hospitalet while recording a video clip in his neighborhood, La Florida.

Trial postponed. The successful musician faces a sentence of two and a half years in prison for an attempted robbery in a Barcelona apartment and a crime of threats, after being surprised by a neighbor

And the fact is that the singer presents himself as “a boy from the street” who claims to represent “the working class”, although according to the CIS few Spaniards already define themselves as such. His style is more related to some American rappers, who make headlines for being involved in brawls with rivals, or they are arrested for illegal possession of weapons or drugs, than with national referents, or at least with those who have pending accounts with the Justice. See the case of Pablo Hasél, from Lleida, in prison, among other causes, for glorifying terrorism and insults to the Crown in dozens of tweets and a song; or that of the Mallorcan Valtònyc, escaped in Belgium after the Supreme Court imposed three and a half years in prison for the same crimes.

Morad will have to sit in the dock, but for different reasons. Yesterday he had to appear before the Criminal Court 11 of Barcelona, ​​as advanced by ‘La Vanguardia’, for an attempted robbery in a house in the Putxet neighborhood in 2018. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for him and another defendant a two-year sentence and a half in prison for this attempt and a crime of threats. According to the indictment, Morad, together with a friend, tried to open the access door to the farm with a screwdriver, when a neighbor discovered them. After being surprised, the alleged thieves snapped at the man: «We’re going to kill you, you son of a bitch!». Some events that would have taken place a year before the first concert of the rapper in the mythical Razzmatazz room in the Catalan capital. Finally, the musician did not appear in the City of Justice after alleging, medical report through, severe pain in the chest. The hearing has been postponed to February 2022. And it is that it already makes it clear in its theme ‘Normal’: ‘Here you do not declare or say someone else’s name. From the street and we go without brakes. ‘ Populism also in rap, with some themes in which it presents the security forces – the “blues” and the “picolos”, in Morad’s jargon – as repressors of the people – “the street”, for the rapper-, and those he says he hates. A formula that continues to be synonymous with success, at least for this Catalan interpreter, of Moroccan descent, who already has gold and platinum records to his credit.

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