More Madrid ironic that “a module from Soto del Real ends up bearing the name of Ayuso




Mónica García, deputy and deputy spokesperson of Más Madrid, has once again starred in a loud row with the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, on account of the construction contracts of Hospital Isabel Zendal. In reference to the popular leader’s phrase Teodoro Garcia Egea, who said that in the future the hospital could bear the name of the Madrilenian president, García has pointed out: «Be careful, lest in the future a module of (the prison of) Soto del Real».

The phrase has given rise to bitter verbal confrontations in the Chamber, with recriminations to the president of the Assembly, Juan Trinidad (Cs) for not calling the Minister of Finance to order and doing so to the deputy of Más Madrid.

The row began with the beginning of the intervention of Fernández-Lasquetty, who responded to a question from Mónica García about the cleaning of the construction contracts of the Isabel Zendal Hospital. In his first response, the counselor recalled the gesture that Mónica García made with her hand weeks ago, and that from the popular ranks it was interpreted as a pistol pointed at Fernández-Lasquetty. The president of the Assembly has cut the counselor when he was commenting on it, asking him “that we all maintain respect” and reminding him that these facts were already being studied in the processing of a sanctioning file.

In his speech, Mónica García has denounced that the Zendal is a «warehouse» but not a hospital, since they “have toilets and operating rooms, even Lego ones”, referring to children’s toys. Using the metaphor that Ayuso used yesterday, using the cost of the Emergency hospital as a wasteful measure, he recalled that “the dismissals of Covid reinforcement teachers in December will mean half a zendal.”

He recalled the phrase of Teodoro García Egea, who pointed out that in a few years perhaps the Hospital will change its name to adopt that of President Díaz Ayuso. And at this point, Mónica García has asked the regional government: “Be careful, do not be presumptuous, lest a Soto del Real module be named after you.” The call for attention of the president of the Chamber at this point was answered with shouts by other deputies of Más Madrid, such as his spokesman Pablo Gómez Perpinyá, who He urged Trinidad to shut up Counselor Fernández-Lasquetty as well.

Mónica García also recalled, in the heat of the dialectical battle, that “all plenary sessions call us ETA, and not as a supposition.” He again criticized the system of contracting companies in the construction of Zendal, which considered full of irregularities, and denounced that “even in the midst of this pandemic, you are unable to renounce the scam,” for which he has asked: “Go, and leave their place to honest people.”

Fernández-Lasquetty has asked the deputy of Más Madrid that “if she has only one proof of what she says, she should have gone to court. If not, “he asked,” stop lying. ” He has defended all the contracts made to raise the Emergency Hospital, in which “All the inspection bodies have worked”. And he has criticized that «you did not like the Ifema hospital; tell the 4,000 patients who were cured there. And he didn’t like Collado Villalba’s either; tell the 115,000 people served that it didn’t need to be built. ” In his conclusion, the counselor has accused the deputy of Más Madrid of “putting his condition of sectarianism before his medical profession.”

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