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The hangover brings headaches and if it is electoral, delirious figures. With little more than half of participation, the independence movement wanted to win. Esquerra, Junts and the CUP claimed to have achieved, with 50 percent of the votes, and despite the victory of the PSC, their clientelist objectives; but when putting the magnifying glass on the percentages, the champagne of emotionality was unraveled: including the PDECat, the four secessionist formations added little more than one million four hundred thousand votes; almost seven hundred thousand less than in the autonomous regions of 2017.

Bringing the magnifying glass closer, we see that Illa was the only candidate who won in votes: Esquerra and the post-convergence lost eight hundred thousand pitchs and the CUP, eighteen thousand. A pro-independence activist with a sense of common sense – there must be some – asked his colleagues in a group of ‘wasap’ for a bit of humility: “The independence movement wins, but for the abstention from unionism that will not abstain in a referendum and with the ‘procés’ stopped ».

If the referendum were today, with the same meager participation, separatism would obtain a few tenths of fifty percent, three hundred thousand votes more than the non-independence bloc. If in the regional elections of 2017 the vote for secession was 37.4 percent, in those of last Sunday it fell to 25 percent. The distribution of suffrage once again underlines the urgency of reforming the electoral law that has guaranteed forty years of nationalist hegemony.

The urban seat is very expensive, while the rural one is too affordable: of the fifteen most populated cities, in eleven non-independence candidates are imposed: Barcelona, ​​Hospitalet, Terrassa, Badalona, ​​Sabadell, Tarragona, Mataró, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Cornellà , Sant Boi and Rubí. Lleida and Gerona are the capitals of the independence province; together with Reus (so much fighting Carlism for this! Prim would exclaim) and Sant Cugat, fiefdom of the ‘oppressed bourgeoisie’ who combine Llach’s groans with the jeweled applause for the CDRs. The result, except for one umpteenth brawl between separatist factions, inaugurates another four-year period of incompetence, economic ruin and tribalism. Besides the electoral law, the other great pending democratic reform is voting open lists. One can be pro-independence, it would be more, but from there to ensure sixty thousand euros per year to the smart-ass that each party imposes there is a stretch.

Despite their uselessness, amply demonstrated, those from Esquerra return: Aragonès (the vicar of Junqueras), Sabrià (that boy who confuses politics with slogans), Vergés (needless to say anything else), Jové (the one with the moleskine ), Maragall (the bad guy), El Homrani (eight thousand old people who died in residences), the justice Capella or Salvadó (the one who asked for a counselor with good ‘mamelles’).

Junts is even scarier: Puigdemont sowing weeds from the ghostly Consell per la República. The defendant Borràs who can give way to the gas station Canadell if she is convicted of the ‘trapis’ of the Institution of Catalan Letters.

Cuevillas with their yellow ties. The ‘buidor’ of Budó: threatens to be president of the Parliament! (164,000 euros). The astronaut Puigneró. Anna Erra, the mayor of Vic who asked the “native Catalans” not to speak Spanish to people who “because of their accent or their physical appearance do not seem Catalan.” Marta Madrenas, the mayor of Gerona who confused the decoration of a nightclub with an 18th century ‘carasa’. Ramon Tremosa, ‘facedor de fakes’ in Europe. And the jokes ‘pagesívols’ by Albert Batet. As if that were not enough, there will be the CUPs for the anti-system mambo: Sabater, Riera, Reguant the one who said that “the ‘procés’ mutates.” Or the commons always ‘attentive’ to the independence movement if there are charges involved: the model is Ribó, former leader of the Initiative, Trustee for Life.

And if those are the headlines, what will the secondary ones be like? While charges are handed out and a date is set for the ‘Republic-that-does-not-exist-idiot’, we have a pandemic to solve, many vaccines to inject and ertos that may turn into more galloping unemployment. To face so much nonsense with stoicism we recommend the Aphorisms collection launched by Edhasa on its 75th anniversary.

Faced with the alleged unanimities, Oscar Wilde’s brilliant paradox: “Disagreement with three-quarters of the British is one of the main elements of mental health, which is a profound source of comfort in moments of spiritual doubt.” To the independentists who will do it again, Lichtenberg: «When a war has lasted twenty years, it can perfectly last a hundred. Well, it ends up becoming a status. Polemocracy. Men who have tasted peace are gradually disappearing. ‘ And for dessert, Goethe: “There is nothing more terrible than active ignorance.” The activism of ignorance gives way to chaos.

Coda: It is useless to reduce CO2 if the cronies of the criminal Rivadulla burn containers and national-populism blesses him. Burnt plastic pollutes and intoxicating fanaticism, Mayor.

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