More than 7,600 positions in the largest public job offer in 12 years




Galicia is experiencing a “historical moment”. A “great opportunity” opens up for all those “people who are interested in public administration.” And that “is not”, in the case of health, “the OPE that we would like.” Even so, Alberto Núñez Feijóo put in value, the Xunta gives the green light to the call for public offer of employment «largest in the last 12 years». The breakdown of the generic figures, the main headline, reveals almost a thousand contracts for Sergas (985) and about 3,000 (2,962) for the General Administration. In addition to the places previously announced for the educational field, reinforced, such as health, to face the coronavirus pandemic, the total amount is 7,601 job opportunities.

Regarding health, Feijóo insisted that «We ask and continue to ask that the restocking fee be waived». If this old claim is dealt with, «we could be summoning 3,500 places, not 900 something. We want to offer all vacancies ». If it is not allowed, and the central government follows that position, “inevitably” Sergas will have to continue resorting to temporary contracts. The “stability” of the staff and the service itself “suffers” in a situation marked by “so much contract and so much temporary,” lamented the president.

The OPE small print It is as follows: 973 statutory personnel positions (652 for physicians, 275 for nursing and physiotherapy, 46 for management and general services; 49 are reserved for personnel with disabilities and 20 for intellectual disabilities) and 12 for civil servants. To these almost a thousand places must be added those already called, which bring the total number of vacancies, separated from one place by a selective test, to 1,640. Since 2012, 6,909 medical positions have been offered.

As a novelty, Feijóo advanced the introduction of specific scores that value the provision of services in regional hospitals and in the most remote health centers. Although it must submit to the negotiation table, it is a matter of solving the difficulty that the hiring of specialties such as pediatrics has been generating.

67% more

The 2,962 General Administration places represent an increase of 67% with respect to 2019. The «vast majority», 2,567, are freely accessible, of which 1,276 are for the stabilization and consolidation of the personnel of the social services integrated in the Galician Consortium of Equality Services and Benestar. 395 of internal promotion of civil servants are added. Additionally, the decree validated yesterday by the Council includes 3,410 places for the officialization of permanent workforce.

Feijóo also emphasized the «sensitivity to disability», Reflected in the reservation of places for people with disabilities of 13.7% in free access, 3.4% above the previous call.

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