Moreno alleges that the Argentine investor wants to steal the series to win a Nobel




The exchange of briefs between the parties involved in Operation Titella, which is still under investigation pending the beginning of the parade through the National Court of the fifty detainees of last June, has risen this week with a cross of accusations between the Argentine and alleged eldest harmed by the plot Alejandro Roemmers and the television producer José Luis Moreno, who accuses him of wanting to steal the series that was financing him in order to win “a Prince of Asturias or a Nobel Prize.”

Roemmers asked the court last week to adopt a series of precautionary measures to protect the capital invested and that Moreno would have distracted, appropriating about 35 million euros that he invested in the partnership they created together for the production of a series on Saint Francis of Assisi of which after two years, he had not delivered any chapter. He asked for a receivership for the company, Dreamlight, with the ability to “access all relevant material” and «Evaluate the measures and resources necessary for its completion». Its objective thus, is to take it to port.

That administrator, according to his claims, should have access to the gross of the filming and the copies already dumped for editing, but also to the wardrobe and, above all, to the scripts. That is the crux of the matter, since Moreno believes deep down, what Roemmers has always wanted is to stay with the series, aware that it was appraised by an expert with a market value of more than 200 million euros. He considers that everything is part of a strategy already prior to the arrests of Operation Titella, which began damaging his reputation in his closest circle. Says it is an “extortion”.

And the why, places it in that Roemmes has always had an “interest” in “obtaining the Princess of Asturias Award -Letters- and the Nobel Prize for Literature”, according to a defense brief to which ABC had access. He assures that the Argentine businessman «He asked for help to obtain the aforementioned Awards, promising him three million euros if the first was achieved, for Moreno to start the campaign in pursuit of the Nobel. He considers that the script of the series about San Francisco de Asís is his passport to get it and the obstacle, which is Moreno’s.

«Rommers He has been trying for a long time to have a greater participation in the script recognized as a merit in pursuit of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Princess of Asturias Prize. The 30% that has been recognized is not enough, this despite the fact that its real contribution, as will be accredited in the civil office, does not reach 3%. Mr. Roemmers needs to be able to tell the world that he wrote the script of the Series to make merits in order to obtain the Awards he desires, and for that he has to ‘get rid’ of Mr. Rodríguez Moreno», States the defense of the Spanish producer.

“Extortion, false accusation and procedural fraud”

For Moreno, Roemmers’ strategy in the National High Court, where he prompts a request for proceedings as a private prosecution, is “incidentally constitutive of a criminal offense. extortion, false accusation and procedural fraud“With the aim of” taking over the DreamLight company and, with it, the series, ‘Glow and Darkness’ “, something that, he assures, tries to” extort “Moreno and” deceive and instrumentalize “the Court.

The point is that, according to his defense, it is a “plan” that comes from afar. Throughout 33 pages, the letter states that “at the end of 2020-beginning of 2021” the Argentine investor learned “the value of the series” because he had access to a “promotional” of 18 minutes with a “summary of what was filmed ». “At that moment, Mr. Roemmers starts the first part of his plan, which involves achieving the discredit of Mr. Rodríguez Moreno in his environment », he assures.

«Draw the scammed image»

In this sense, he collects a message that Roemmers sent to the person who introduced him to Moreno, a friend of both, in which he lets him know that he has been scammed and says that he is going to give the Spanish producer “one last chance.”

«I have semi-full proof that I have been cheated economically, morally and spiritually but I am willing to continue legally until the last consequences if necessary (…) I trusted myself to see him by your side with a friendship of years when I should have listened to everything I’ve been told about him. Now he doesn’t have a person who wants him in this world. I was the only one. Because he pays that Martin very well for accompanying him, “said Roemmers’ whatsapp that Moreno’s defense provided.

For his team of lawyers with this movement “it is about starting to draw the image of” scammed “, of a person who” put money “for a non-existent Series”. «Since it cannot say that it does not exist, it points out that it is not finished, which supposes to completely ignore the operation of a Series ”, reasons the writing.

He insists that during the three years that Dreamlight has been active, Moreno has worked “until exhaustion” on the series, which already has 2,000 minutes filmed and has been severely interrupted by the pandemic. «Think that the first clapperboard hit was on December 16, 2019, so that the filming was extended throughout the first year of the pandemic, “he adds.

In any case, for your defense, which records this letter only to respond to Roemmers’, the cause is void because the instruction periods expired when the Plaza de Castilla was still being investigated, as they warned in a previous letter addressed to the Central Court of Instruction number 2 of the National Court. It remains to be seen what Judge Ismael Moreno decides on the matter.

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