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University campuses throughout Galicia become vaccination centers. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, anyone who not vaccinated yet or you have either of the two doses without putting you can approach the university campuses of the Community to do it.

This was already announced last Wednesday by the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Although at first this service was going to be available only to university personnel (professors and other workers from the three Galician universities) and students, finally Any citizen can go to these places to get pricked. In short, these vaccination rooms have the same function as the mass vaccination centers last Saturday: anyone who needs it can go without the need for an appointment.

However, the decision to open the doors to all citizens took a bit of a backlash from the health personnel. If this new campaign started on Monday, Sergas informed the nurses on Sunday that anyone could go, not just college-related people. Fortunately, “there are plenty of vaccines for anyone who wants to come and staff to provide service,” said Fatima Dono, coordinator of the center of the University of Santiago.

Thus, the seven Galician cities with their respective campuses are offering this service. In the capital, the vaccination point is in the Vidal Bolaño auditorium; on Ferrol, Higher Polytechnic School; on Lugo, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; on Vigo, in the sports hall; and in Pray, in the Faculty of Communication Sciences. On the contrary, in Corunna and Pontevedra the doses are placed in the usual places: ExpoCoruña and the Fairgrounds, respectively.

More people than expected

The queues to get the dose against the coronavirus exceeded expectations. Taking into account that on Saturday it was possible to vaccinate without an appointment, the level of influx on the campuses yesterday was expected to be lower: «There are more people than we thought», Said the coordinator of Santiago on Monday. However, the room set up, with two seats, seemed sufficient and did not overflow.

The profile of those who happened to be inoculated with the vaccine was varied, although throughout the day “a lot of young and foreigners who are on Erasmus or doing doctorates ». Teachers and other university personnel, on the other hand, barely: “they are all vaccinated,” said Dono.

«The vast majority is because vacations coincided with them or due to some problem they were waiting for the play-offs “, explained the nurse. The case of Ramón Vital, a young man from Vigo studying in Santiago, is the first: he had an appointment to get the second dose on August 31, but I was traveling with some friends. “I had called to ask about my possibilities at the Vigo vaccination center and they already told me about the possibility of it being done here.” He chose to wait for this opportunity to “not miss class” by going to Vigo.

A very repeated situation among those who came to the campuses to be inoculated was that of foreign students. Yan Yan, a Chinese woman, has been living as a student in Santiago for years, even before the pandemic, but as she did not have a health card, she was not able to make an appointment: «I’ve been asking since June how I could get vaccinated, but due to the paperwork problems he had not been able to ». Nor was she vaccinated in her country because she did not return to China “since the pandemic began,” but her teachers warned her of this opportunity.

Lorena Iglesias’ second vaccination appointment was scheduled for last week, but she was locked in her room spending a lockdown: «They sent me an email from the University, and I came to see if they have Pfizer, which is the one I put on the first time».

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