Mother and son arrested in their clandestine laboratory for trafficking pink cocaine in San Blas




The National Police has dismantled in the district of San Blas a clandestine laboratory dedicated to the preparation of pink cocaine. Two people from the same family have been arrested, the prime suspect and his mother, which intended to get rid of the narcotics at the time of arrest, as reported by agents in a statement.

The security forces have practiced an entry and search at the address in Jalón Arches, where they have seized more than 70 grams of pink cocaine, almost 30 grams of methamphetamine, around 200 grams of cutting substance and other substances, in addition to three scales and tools used in the preparation of the drug.

The investigation started at the end of last July when the researchers learned of the possible existence of a crafting point of pink cocaine in a home. During the investigation, the agents observed how the mother of the detainee left the house carrying a very large garbage bag. Once inspected, several bags with drugs were found inside, as well as tools and products for their preparation.

Likewise, it has been verified in the property registry, that the kitchen was a laboratoryclandestine. Also, it has been located a backpack that contained a whole series of tools impregnated with a pink powder. Those arrested, the 28-year-old son and the 46-year-old mother, are charged with a crime against public health and have currently been released, but with charges and awaiting trial.

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