Muguruza, protagonist of the new WTA campaign



The WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) has presented this Wednesday a new corporate identity -with a redesign of its logo-, an image campaign that unites the pioneers with the current players -in which the Spanish appears Garbiñe Muguruza– and a new nomenclature for their tournaments, which will be called from now on WTA 1,000, 500, 250 or 125.

After a joint work with the ATP (the men’s association), from 2021 both circuits will share the denomination tournaments so fans can follow them more easily.

The WTA 1,000 will include the former Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 tournaments; the WTA 500 are the formerly called Premier 700; the WTA 250 will replace the International; and the WTA 125 to the Series 125K. This nomenclature is not linked to ranking points or cash prizes.

The new logo, in purple, presents a player at the moment of serving, framed in the profile of a ball, and is accompanied by the words WTA Tour, with a tennis ball as the horizontal bar of the letter A. «Our new logo embraces the visual language of tennis and celebrates the heroic women who come together ‘for the game’. We will wear it as a badge of pride and a reminder of the power of unity among strong individuals – by joining forces, we build something bigger than ourselves, ”said Micky Lawler, WTA President and Director of Marketing Initiatives.

As for the promotional campaign, which is called “WTA For The Game” (“WTA for the game”), has its inspiration in the empowerment of current players, shared with subsequent generations, notes the WTA. “The WTA is built on the courage, passion and determination of generations of athletes and tournament promoters,” Lawler continued.

“From both a sporting and business perspective, we were inspired by the WTA’s inherent qualities of leadership, boldness and shared purpose, and our goal was to deliver a brand strategy and visual platform that players and tournaments could use to amplify this powerful message“Said Jessica Murphy, Managing Director of Landor Australia. “Fans are captivated by individual skill and physical effort, but they also invest deeply in what motivates these attention-grabbing women on and off the court. Exploring these driving forces, the similarities and differences, is a key element of the brand.

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