“My mother has a privileged metabolism”




Recently titled by Le Cordón Blue, the Marchioness of Griñón she can already boast of being a professional chef. «I did not imagine that it would be so difficult to study a trade at my age, but the truth has been beautiful to learn from great masters with so much experience. And that the puff pastry was resisting me », he confesses with a laugh at the Ritz hotel in Madrid where we have met to present his book ‘The recipes from my mother’s house’ (Editorial Espasa). An idea that he conceived in full confinement when his little sister Ana Boyer began to organize the menus in an Excel. “There were a lot of dishes that I had forgotten, such as odorous chicken, chorizo ​​croquettes and I decided I had to write this down.” For Tamara, who saw her grandmother Beba’s recipes – who passed away at the end of August – get lost in a move, it was important to leave the culinary legacy written for future Preysler generations. She dedicates the book to her because as a good believer she knows that she will enjoy it from heaven. He has even given homework to Mario Vargas Llosa, his mother’s partner, to whom he has conveyed the need for the Royal Spanish Academy to translate the culinary glossary from French into Spanish to facilitate the work of cooking students.

His mother Isabel preysler He has made the prologue and has lent him the greatest of the treasures of his mansion in Puerta de Hierro, which are not the bathrooms as many have believed up to now, but the tableware and tablecloths dressing room that he treasures as an excellent hostess. A museum that should be a must for those who are passionate about dressing tables. In the book there are more than twenty: “She did not want plates to be taken to photograph because they are her most precious asset, she has not even left me her favorite Chinese dishes,” confesses Tamara. And although many think that Preysler’s secret to being so great at 70 is not eating, they are wrong. «It’s super binge. It is lucky. I freak out with what he eats and doesn’t get fat. She has a privileged metabolism, we did a genetic test and hers came out better than ours (laughs). It is true that from a young age he has always done ‘fruit day’ and has had a very wise relationship with his body. This is reflected in her way of eating: she is very disciplined, ”she says. But at the Preyslers’ they are ‘enjoy’: on Saturdays there is paella and there is never a lack of sponge cake. When they go on a trip they bring their own sandwiches from home – which are healthier – and eat them on the train or on the plane. Perhaps having studied so much about food and many visits to the Buchinguer have made the young marquise have a better relationship with food: “I am making an effort to listen to my body, but I am like a golden retriever: I never know when I am full” . In the book he confesses that Vargas Llosa eats a bean stew one day before entering the Marbella weight loss clinic and when he leaves he goes straight to the Plaza de los Naranjos to eat a plate of churros.

She has the bright eyes and the loose smile of love. And it is that despite the fact that many media insist on spoiling their courtship with Iñigo Onieva, she is happy and misses him because they still do not live together. «I am used to things being said about my family that are not true, but I have asked him directly if any of the things they said were true. He looked me in the eye and told me that he was not at all and that he hurt for me ». Not to mention a wedding at the moment: «I, who come from separated parents, is a very big step, maybe people don’t think about it so much, but for me it is very important to know the person. You don’t have to force it, ”he confesses. Although his professional commitments do not allow it, he is looking for a restaurant to do an internship and although he has two in mind, he does not know which one to choose yet. What does not rule out is to open a restaurant own in Madrid.

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