NA + denounces the inclusion of Navarra within the “Basque Country” on the Euskera Indicators website




Navarra Sum has denounced the inclusion of Navarra inside of the “Basque Country”On the website of the Basque Indicator System, a project promoted and financed by the Government of Navarra, the Basque Government, the Office Public de la Langue Basque and the Provincial Councils of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. The project has also been co-financed by the European Comission through the FEDER Fund (European Regional Development Fund).

The inclusion of Navarra inside of the “Basque Country”Occurs both in the Spanish version of the website and in the Basque, French and English versions. In all of them, the linguistic and statistical data related to the Foral Community of Navarra are systematically included within those of the “Basque Country”.

From the coalition of UPN, Citizens and PP they point out that “there is also the circumstance that the Basque Indicator System renewed its website last November, without this having affected the systematic inclusion of Navarra inside literally the `Basque Country´”.

They deny the existence of Navarra

And they add: “Paradoxically, the page of the Navarre Institute of Euskera, dependent on Department of Citizen Relations of the Government of Navarra, provides the link to this web page in which the institutional reality of Navarra”. In addition, the Euskarabidea page indicates: “This system (through the System of Basque Indicators) will make it possible to know, in real time and with the greatest possible accuracy, the reality of Euskera in the seven Basque territories”.

Navarra Sum also warns that “this is not an isolated event, since in the last yearbook published by the System of Indicators and available on the website of the Basque government and that has the logo of the Government of Navarra, all the data and maps show the Navarrese territory as part of the `Basque Country”.

For the coalition, it is found that, “once again, the Basque -which is indisputably part of the cultural heritage of Navarra– to impose the expansionist fantasies of the Basque nationalism. This procedure seriously discredits the Basque, by making it a means to advance the disappearance of Navarra as its own provincial community within Spain”.

Navarra Sum remember that throughout its history Navarra never belonged to Basque Country and that all surveys, including Navarrometers made by the UPNA, show that an overwhelming majority of Navarrese rejects annexation to the “Basque Country”. For this reason he understands “a lack of respect for the will of Navarrese society this type of de facto annexation”.

From the coalition they denounce that the inclusion of Navarra inside of the “Basque Country”Has been common in the publications of the Basque government. “However, now we are faced with an event of a different nature: it is the Government of Navarra the one who, with the money of all Navarrese, is financing a project that denies the existence of Navarra as its own community ”, they affirm.

For this reason, they require the government chaired by Maria Chivite that “defend the existence of the Foral Community and demand immediately from those responsible for the project all the changes that are necessary in publications and web page so that the institutional reality of Navarra”.

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