Na + refuses to negotiate budgets in 10 minutes




In 10 minutes, the spokesperson for
Navarra Sum
, Javier Esparza
has refused to negotiate the budgets of the Foral Community in a meeting to which he had been summoned this afternoon by the socialist president, María Chivite, like a eh Bildu. This morning the Government reported on these meetings and stated, as it had already announced, that it was reaching out to the two formations equally to agree on the Navarrese accounts. And for days too, Navarra Sum had announced that they would talk about budgets if the PSN disconnected from EH Bildu.

Thus, Javier Esparza has declared at the end of the meeting that the Executive does not count on them “for a little theater to end up agreeing with Bildu.” “It is evident that there is a pact of the legislature. It does not matter what we propose because it always chooses as a partner eh Bildu“Esparza assured in statements to the media.

“I have brought you two copies of the letter I sent you, in which we told you what unavoidable issues are for us. They are proposals so that Navarra be attractive and she says she doesn’t share it because Navarra it is attractive, “he added.

The opposition leader believes that “the Socialist Party is with Collect, Maria Chivite is with Collect. These are going to be the third budgets from the hand of Bildu “and he has assured that this worries them.”Maria Chivite has slammed our proposal. They are saying no to what Navarra Let it be an attractive land that generates employment and our young people can have a job. You are saying no to improving the Primary care, to the greatest presence. In short, vital issues for the development of our land “, he concluded.

The Executive Vice President Javier Remírez, He had announced this morning that they were coming “with a hand out for dialogue but with a very clear, progressive roadmap.”

“It is necessary and essential for Navarra that the Budgets are approved and with the greatest possible consensus, “Remírez had declared, to questions from journalists at the press conference after the government session.” Being consistent with what we have done at this point so far legislature, we appeal, we reach out to negotiate to achieve the widest possible consensus. But we do not offer dialogue as part of a strategy, but to reach an agreement, “he added.

On the possibility of reaching an agreement with eh Bildu For the third consecutive year, the vice president highlighted that the degree of compliance with the agreement reached last year for the 2021 accounts is high. “As a government we are satisfied with the high degree of compliance with the current budget agreement. We have strengthened public services, territorial cohesion and we are recovering employment,” said Remírez.

The Executive believes that everything related to the decree of the Basque language in the OPE for Nursing “will not influence the negotiation because it is a specific issue and there are very important things at stake such as providing Navarra with Budgets, beyond specific debates that there may be “.

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