“Narcís Serra spied on everyone, including the King”




Mario Conde has reacted this morning to the exclusive published by ABC today
on the papers of the former director of Cesid, Emilio Alonso Manglano, according to which the Government of Felipe González commissioned an international agency to investigate the assets and connections of the former banker in 1991.

This is the so-called Crillón report, one of the best-kept secrets of felipismo, which was also paid for with state funds, specifically with envelopes of 7 million pesetas that the then vice president Narcís Serra gave to an agent so that he could take them to the director of the Civil Guard, Luis Roldán, according to Manglano’s annotations in those years to which he has had access and has been publishing this newspaper exclusively as a preview of the book ‘The Chief of Spies’, by journalists Juan Fernández-Miranda and Javier Chicote.

Conde has reacted through his social networks with an extensive text in which confirms that this news “is true” and he even adds that “the matter is much worse”, since he assures that González and Serra “controlled the Cesid and used it for their purposes embezzling money from the Spaniards.”

Narcís Serra, who was Minister of Defense (1982-1991) and Vice President of the Government (1991-1995), is branded by the former banker as a “regrettable character” and He accuses him of using his power in these positions “to spy on everyone who seemed important to him, including the King” Juan Carlos I.

Conde adds that it was the former Secretary of State Julián Sancristóbal, with whom he coincided in jail after being convicted of the GAL plot and reserved funds, who told him in prison that “Serra told him that the Bourbons had to be controlled because history showed that they were very dangerous because they had no loyalties to anyone.

The former banker continues on his Instagram account explaining that Serra “spied on me because he was afraid of my social and political projection” in those years when Conde was a business and media figure “and, as he was not one of his, I they considered enemy ». He also summarizes what ABC publishes today based on Manglano’s papers on the investigative agency that the González and Serra government allegedly hired thirty years ago: “They used a foreign company, Kroll Associates. They paid with money from the Spanish. They opened an account in Switzerland to hide the payments. And they found nothing against me. That is what they dedicated themselves to, prostituting the State and settling in the worst of its sewers ».

«They controlled the Supreme

In addition, Conde explains that he himself spoke with the then president of the Government to ask him about said report against him, but González “denied me knowing anything about it, once again he lied demonstrating the human stature of the character.” Mario Conde also recalls that he denounced this matter before the Justice, but “they filed the complaint, they controlled the Supreme Court”, whose then president, Pascual Sala, “was a subordinate” of a government “that had no scruples,” according to the former banker.

And it does not stop there, but assures that it was as well as Banesto decided to intervene “but now with the decisive collaboration of Aznar”, for which he accuses “all of them” of “lying and cheating”, to the point that “they used all the means to try to destroy me, perhaps even physically, and for that reason they locked me in prison four times.” “Simply miserable,” says Conde, who closes his reaction by vindicating himself despite everything: “I’m still here, with my head held high and my soul serene.”

For his part, the former minister and former vice president of Felipe González, Narcís Serra, not only denies having paid for the report, otherwise even having seen it «beyond a summary».

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