Navalni asks his followers not to fear for him and to continue demonstrating against the Russian Government


The Russian opposition Alexei Navalni has asked this Wednesday through an open letter to his followers that they continue with their initiatives against the government of the president, Vladimir Putin, and do not worry if they may involve retaliation against him, while he remains imprisoned.

“They do not have to worry about me. The prison is not a home, but people also live here. I am not the first, I am not the last,” said Navalni, who has insisted to his colleagues that “under no circumstances” should they Limit his opposition jobs for fear that they may harm him.

“Work without looking back. We are not negotiating with terrorists who take hostages,” he emphasized in a text published in Meduza, a news web portal, where he also asked those opponents who have left Russia for fear of reprisals to continue. from the outside with their actions.

“Many of you were forced to leave Russia. And I know that many suffer the classic questions: ‘Isn’t it more honest to stay?’ “Do I have the right to ask people to demonstrate when I am safe?” Drop all those thoughts. They are not original, they are two hundred years old, “he said.

“These reflections are neither original nor new, and in this case they are simply stupid. We change places to work … for the sake of Russia and its people. We protect our country from invaders and thieves. What difference is there from where you sit with your laptop? “, has questioned.

“The only question is, what are you doing? No one doubts your courage. (…) The moral advantage is not for those who are geographically in Russia, but for those who fight for it, regardless of their coordinates,” he insisted.

Navalni explained that its main partners, Ivan Zhdanov and Leonid Volkov, have done the same and have reassembled their infrastructures and working groups, after the Russian authorities have been dismantling their organizations since June because they are considered extremists.

“Putin with his club of billionaires in uniform thought that after my imprisonment they would take a mallet and destroy all our structures”, but “so far it is clear that the main blow has fallen on him,” he valued.

“Under this pressure, we have evolved and changed. It is not yet clear what kind of animal we will become, but definitely one more beautiful, fast, brave and with sharp teeth,” he said.

Navalni, who is imprisoned in Russia, was arrested on January 18 upon arrival at Moscow airport for violating probation after spending months in Germany recovering from poisoning – for which the prominent opponent blames the country’s president directly. Vladimir Putin -, after which a series of demonstrations followed that resulted in thousands of detainees.

The Berlin hospital to which Navalni was transferred in August 2020 confirmed in its final report that the Russian opponent was poisoned with Novichok, a chemical that was already used in 2018 against former agent Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom and whose trace leads to Russia, Although the Russian authorities have denied any connection with the event.

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